5 Reasons Why To Learn Python

Do you not want to know why to learn python in 2022? What can the language do for you? So, today we are going to know the 5 reasons why to learn Python in 2022.

Python is one of the hot topics in today’s world. It is a high-demand skill these days.  if you’re looking for help with Python homework then this article is for you.

From Data Science to Artificial Intelligence, it is the one skill that plays a huge part in the present technology as well as in the development and innovation for the future. 

Have you ever been fascinated by how Netflix recommendations work? Has it ever left you wondering how YouTube suggests your content based on your interest? 

5 Reasons Why To Learn Python in 2022

Well, python has been a crucial part of all this. 

Not only this, but python is one of the favorite languages of many developers. 

Let us understand what is coding in python?

Python is a dynamically semantic, interpretable, object-oriented high-level programming language.

The Python interpreter and its large standard library are free to download and distribute and are accessible in source or binary form for all major platforms.

It supports modules and packages which fosters program modularity and code reuse.

Python is a popular general-purpose programming language that can be used for large and small projects alike.

You can learn how to combine web development and data analytics using Python.

So, do you want to know why to learn python in 2022? Is python really worth learning? 

Absolutely yes! 

What does python bring to the table? 5 reasons why to learn python in 2022


#1 It is easy to understand


Python is a user-friendly programming language. If you are a beginner at programming, python is definitely the language you should learn.

Once you write the code, you can run it to check for errors. It is concise to read and comfortable to write as it follows the English syntax.

Furthermore, Python has a robust library ecosystem that abstracts the majority of your tasks with just a few lines of code, making your project appear even more manageable.


#2 It is versatile


Python is a versatile language. From small and simple problems to large and complex ones, python can be used for almost anything.

This highly versatile programming language can be used for projects and tasks like:

  • Artificial intelligence
  • Machine learning
  • Deep learning
  • Data science
  • Application development
  • Computer graphics
  • Web development

One of the features of python is that it could be integrated with various other programming languages. In other words, python can be implemented using other programming languages. 

Jython and CPython are two such examples in which python is integrated with Java and C programming language respectively.

Python has a wide range of applications. You can work on a range of projects, such as online scrapers, websites and web apps, and libraries or plugins that add functionality to other applications.


#3 Python offers high in-demand job roles – Perfect job for you!


Python job roles are in high demand these days. Many large firms like Dropbox, Netflix, and Facebook, utilize Python.

Because of the expanding use of emerging areas like Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, and Machine Learning, some of the largest companies in the information technology world, such as Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon, Netflix, and Uber, are eager to integrate them thoroughly into their services. 

Developers and programmers practicing python can also work as freelancers.

Python is the only programming language that can do all of this and much more.


#4 It is making its way to the top!


If you are still wondering why to learn python in 2022, one of the reasons to add would be its increasing popularity.

The programming language is gaining popularity at a very fast rate. 

It is one of the fastest-growing programming languages of the era!

Python’s popularity stems in part from its utility in the field of data science; as fields such as machine learning, data modeling, and artificial intelligence expand in popularity, so does the demand for Python-related expertise.


#5 Python includes vast and rich libraries


A Python library is a set of interrelated modules. It contains code bundles that can be reused in a variety of apps. 

It simplifies and facilitates Python programming for programmers.

Python’s popularity is fast expanding, and it has been adopted by a large number of organizations, in part because it is an open-source language with a large number of libraries.

Because Python is a general-purpose language, it provides you the freedom to create your own functionality.

Python is well-organized, and its libraries come with documentation, so you can get started programming right away. 

You’ll find example code for several libraries, so you can see how the functions are used.

I hope by now you have learned enough factors and reasons why to learn python in 2022. 

Moving forward, it is now time to discover how to learn python and where to learn python.

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Are you ready to explore new paths with Python?


So, let us begin our exploration!

How to learn python? – A 3 step routine!


Step 1: Know your basics


When you start learning a new language, the most important part is to know the basics.

Start by gaining knowledge about what the language is and what is coding in python. Keep exploring new questions and try to clear your basics.

Many beginners skip learning the fundamentals and move on to the coding part as soon as they begin. But shortcuts do not get you anywhere.

It is crucial to have the knowledge of the fundamentals so that it becomes easy to solve any problem you encounter when you move to the coding part. 


Step 2: Take baby steps!


That’s right! When learning python or any other programming language, start with smaller problems.

Do not rush! Take your time!

Working on smaller problems will help you understand the code and the programming language in a better way.

It would be less complex to solve the errors in the larger and more complicated projects later as you will already be familiar with how to cross obstacles occurring in the project.


Step 3: Maintain consistency – Practice!


Once you start solving problems, don’t stop. Keep going!

Even if you work on one or two problems a day, it is beneficial. Practicing your skills in python will help you get familiarized with python efficiently.

Try to create and write your own code. Come up with new problem statements and work on the solutions.

You can practice your python code on various online coding and competitive programming websites. 

3 well-liked coding platforms are listed below:

Build your projects using the python programming language. 


Here are 11 exciting projects you can work on using python

  • Calculator
  • Random number generator
  • Contact book
  • Rock, Paper, Scissors!
  • Tic- Tac – Toe
  • Timer and counters
  • Quizzes
  • Guess the word game
  • Dice rolling simulator
  • Mad libs Generator
  • Guess the number

Well, now you know how to learn python. What steps should you take to kick start your python learning process?


Are you curious to know where to learn python? The Best resources available for learning Python: 


Behold! We bring to you 3 awesome resources to learn python in 2022!

->1. Python for Everybody Specialization – Coursera

The specialization course is offered by the University of Michigan and is available on Coursera. It is a beginner-friendly course. 

This Specialization expands on the popularity of the Python for Everyone course and uses the Python programming language to present basic programming concepts such as data structures, networked application program interfaces, and databases.

You also receive a shareable certificate on successful completion of the course. Isn’t it awesome?

->2. Google’s Python Class

What’s more amazing than learning python from one of the most reputable tech firms in the world?

Google uses Python in a variety of its operations. Good news! It has a python learning course for you as well!

Google’s Python Class is a free course for anyone who wants to learn Python but has little programming experience. 

The course comprises textual materials, lecture videos, and a variety of code activities to help students practice Python programming.

->3. Microsoft Induction to Python

How can we forget about one of the leading global tech giants – Microsoft?

Well, in this course offered by Microsoft, you will learn how to write basic Python code, including how to interact with console input and output and declare variables.

You will also be able to learn how to run scripts and construct your own apps using the Python interpreter. 


How can you miss these resources? Seems like an amazing deal!


So, you have gathered sufficient information on why to learn python in 2022. How to learn python and where to learn python from.

Python is the programming language of the future. With the increasing advancements in technology, its scope will continue to grow. 

Development in the sector of Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning has led to a rise in demand for python developers and programmers. 

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