Agile Model

Codingzap believes in delivering the Core Values to the clients to meet the 100% client satisfaction. So, we follow today’s technology and trends for the Development and Testing process.


Agile Methodology 


Due to the continuous iteration and incremental approach to Software Development and Testing, we use Agile methodology.

Over the years, to build the product better and faster, Scrum methodology is widely used by the Software Industry. We have accumulated great expertise in Scrum methodology to lead so many successful projects.



Why Agile is winning? Is it for you?


In the vast growing, IT Industry having massive challenges Agile has emerged as the winner due to its significant features.

Know why? 


  • Visibility 

One of the important aspects of the Agile model is visibility. Avoiding Hassle in projects it keeps each aspect of project visible to everyone.

A Product Owner can always have a glance at the real-time development of the Project. Also, it makes sure that the Scrum Master, Development and Testing team are on the same page.

  • Flexibility

Flexibility is the demand of the current Software industry. Successful delivery of Product and covering the boundaries like time, Scope and Cost Industry often demands Flexibility.

Flexibility in Agile allows the Product Owner to prioritize the important module and get delivered as per the priority. Flexibility allows successful deliverables without affecting the ability to deliver the product.

  • Let’s have a Coffee chat  

Any Confusion?

Hey folks! what are you up to?

Let’s have a coffee chat. Scrum meeting is a concept in the Agile Model where Product Owner, Scrum Master, and the Development team discuss the real-time update, issues, planning over 15 minutes call.


  • Outcome-Oriented

Due to higher customer satisfaction, Agile is winning. Agile Model focus on Results or outcome. Code Enhancement, Bug fixes in every sprint in Agile Model make sure the perfect deliverables.


Agile Model


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