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All of these were recommended to help build a faster site except?

Hi, are you looking for the answer to the question? all of these were recommended to help build a faster site except?

If you are giving google mobile advertising assessment then you might come across the question below-

All of these were recommended to help build a faster site except?

  • Site works on a range of screens and devices
  • Optimized content delivery
  • Implementation of AMP (Accelerated Mobile Page) best practices
  • Customer surveys about site performance

Correct Answer: Customer surveys about site performance because asking the customer question on site performance is a bad idea. The survey itself will cause the website to load slow. Another reason can be why asking about site speed from the customer when you can ask more reasonable surveys.

Why not other option?

  • Being a website owner we need to ask our developer to make it responsive so that the site can be opened on various screen devices. To make the site responsive one can use Bootstrap or ant design. There are many frameworks in the market such as bootstrap.
  • Optimize content delivery help reduce server request and response feedback time. Thus, helps build a faster website.
  • Implementation of AMP .i.e Accelerated mobile pages is the best practice because AMP certified websites have reduced site load time. It eliminates unnecessary CSS and JavaScript. AMP sites are a simple plane with just enough format resources to render content properly on mobile devices.

By eliminating the options to help build a faster website, we are only left with the last choose.

The best possible answer if recommended to help build a faster site except is a customer survey about site performance.


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