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Need Android Project Help, Build your first Android App

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A quick introduction about Android

Android OS is an Operating System designed and developed by Google for Smart Phones. Rather the smartphones evolved from the concept of Android OS on touchscreen mobile phones.

Overtime android spread across into various electronic devices such as Android TV, Tablet, Notebooks, game consoles, digital camera etc.

The “Sooner” Prototype phone, prior to “Dream”

Android Project Help Services by CODINGZAP

CODINGZAP has a dedicated Android and iOS Development department which I personally lead.

I know what are the issues you face when you start doing your Android Projects and App development

  • A good Setup of Android Environment.
  • Sound Knowledge of Programming like J2ME, JAVA.
  • How to start?
  • Stuck in the middle of App building process
  • Database connection
  • An issue with Android Studio?
  • You don’t know the basic steps to execute your code

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Android Project Help

From guiding you to how to set up your environment, How to choose wisely your Final year Project to developing smart Android Application, CODINGZAP provides some of the best of its kind Services.

It is never been so much easy adapting a new programming language and become the master of all. So I would be in lighting you the core principles and steps of an Android App Development

I will be focusing here to get you an Idea that how to make a simple Android Application.

Build your First Android App

Android Project Help


Please be attentive because it is a step by step Process of learning. I am giving my knowledge. You can add into this topic and give your suggestions in comments.

Android Development:

 Android Software Development is a field that caught craze like wildfire from the moment Android came into existence. Every organization today desires to have their own android application if they already don’t have one.

With Android OS spreading its wings into different forms of devices such as TV’s, Tablets etc.

And with the recent development of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, the possibilities seem endless.

If you want to give a start to your career in Android App Development, you can go ahead. A sea of opportunities is there.

  • It’s never too late to start off with your own Android Development journey.
  • And moreover, the development phase has become easier than ever before.
  • No matter what it is a website or an app? We can see how Businesses those come online
  • Take off in a quick time towards success.
  • The formula is, A Good and unique idea with flawless execution
  • That’s all it takes to make an App that people cannot stop talking about.

So what are you waiting for? Get coding with your very first Android application

In today’s day and age to make your business stay in the game, it is essential to go Digital

Today, we will look into a stepwise instructional on how to make your very first android app.

Before we begin, take the thought of developing an app is tough out of your mind.

Consider this as an essential survival skill of 21st century with great monetary returns.

Let’s get into it,

Steps to develop your  Android Application

The most important Tool/Software we need here is The Android Studio.

Android Studio handles the design and development of an Android Application.

It is highly recommended IDE (Integrated Development Environment)

The Apps develop and deploy seamlessly through our all-in-one tool Android Studio.

Here it is assumed that you will be able to Download and Install the Android Studio.

Even if you do not, there is nothing really to worry. It is very simple, all you have to do is

Go to and Hit the download button.

After that, we simply have to open the file and press all recommended settings.

And Voila, You are up and running with your Android Development Environment.

Step 1: Design

Design part of the Android app can be done in two ways.

  1. Android Studio Design

This being a straightforward drag and drop design, Has all the essential elements of an Android app such as Image, Text, Buttons, Icons, Colors and other essential elements of an app.

Android Project Help

It might feel a bit intimidating at the first sight to work in Android Studio but hang in there for a while. It will become simple and routine for you, once you get the initial practice (Hardly takes two days) of it.

Get done as much as possible on Android Studio design wise.

But if you are like me, and are ready to go the Extra mile to make your App look world class.

So I will recommend you use Adobe Illustrator.

In Adobe Illustrator, the process of designing the look of an app is as simple as Drawing on an artboard.

Android Project Help

Adobe Illustrator being third-party software would generate Assets for the app.

These assets can be used in Android studio.

  •  From Adobe Illustrator, after designing the look and feel of the app. We need to select File->Export
  • When we hit export, We get an option of exporting as PNG file or a JPEG file.
  • After exporting our assets. We can use our assets as and where needed.

Step 2: Develop

  • Hence to Develop an Android app,  prerequisites are Knowledge in the Programming language Java and mostly J2ME mobile edition.
  • In the recent past, Android Studio allows Native method coding in C and C++ which will later be embedded into Java code using the latest Android NDK
  • Android SDK and Android NDK are two distinct entities a developer must be aware of before starting to code their first Android app.
  • Android SDK basically stands for “Android Software Development Kit”.
  • It essentially provides all the required Application Programming Interfaces or simply API’s
  • These API’s are used in android app development. Since Java is a language that has a unique feature of code encapsulation. The Android SDK provides essential Classes and methods encapsulated into codes that can be deployed in the app development process.
  • It is always suggested to refer the official Android developers website for detailed description of code elements and structures. Which many newbies’ skips when learning from a course or a book.
  • The following is the link for the android developers official website

  • In the above-mentioned website, we can find In detail

Android Project Help

The descriptive manner of development of each phase.

  • In development section on the website. We will find links to training (Which is endorsed by Udacity, I highly recommend taking it) and API guides.


  • Next, the Android NDK which stands for Android Native Development Kit. This to loosely explain would be something for the developers out there who are not well versed with Java and do not consider Java as their Native programming language.


  • For those people, the android studio has made available Android NDK and if you feel you are well off with C or C++ then you better download the Android NDK and get coding in your native C or C++.


  • This way Android Studio would embed your code into Java and make your App function seamlessly without any hassles.

Android Project Help


  • So what else are we waiting for? Get coding!

Step 3: Distribution

  • Distribution phase comes when we are done and dusted with our design and development phase so I highly recommend you Test your App very well on your local Android devices before thinking of publishing it.
  • First of all, to Publish your first app on Google Play, we will have to pay a one time fee of $25.
  • The app will be used for testing by the Google before they publish on their Google Play.
  • This is generally done to avoid malware and virus containing software and apps on Google Play.
  • Once we pay our Publishing Fee. An app would be tested by Google Play Console.
  • The Key features of publishing over Google Play is to Engage audience using Android’s push notifications and Monetize your app

Android Project Help


So I am sure you might have a fair idea that how to develop and build your first Android App.

 How we do Android Project Help?

After going through the Article you must have an Incredible desire to start your own Project and to learn Android App Development.  So thank you if you have learned something from here.

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