How To Learn Programming For Free?

How to learn programming for free

So, you want to develop a new skill without spending money? Programming sounds fun! Now that you have set your mind to learn about programming, you must be wondering where to begin. What resources are available? How to learn programming for free?…and where to learn code for free?

Coding can open doors to a variety of programming professions, many of which are in high demand, for job seekers and career changers.

As the world progresses towards technological advancements and innovative ideas for a better future, the opportunities in programming-related fields are also significantly increasing. 

Due to this, the majority of programming aspirants desire to improve their coding skills and have a better understanding of the fundamentals of programming.

Programming has become more necessary than it has ever been in recent times. 

It smoothens the way for new developers, allowing them to take advantage of and apply new ideas.

Although many promising organizations and courses give in-depth guidance and content on programming in the language of your preference, most novices would prefer to improve their skills by using free websites and courses.

Have you ever wondered how to learn Python for free? Are you not curious about how to learn C programming for free? Don’t you want to know where to learn code for free? All your answers can be answered by experts at CodingZap where you can get help with programming and learn a wide range of programming coursework.

Let’s begin this journey of how to learn programming for free.

How to learn programming for freeGone are the days when there was a need to visit public libraries and flip pages of an old book to gain knowledge of computer-understandable languages and getting stuck in the process because the terminology used in the book was a little challenging.

These days, learning to code is quite inexpensive. Whether you wish to learn a new programming language or start a code-based project, there are a plethora of free tools available.

If you are new to coding and web development, it is a good idea to start by teaching yourself how to code by utilizing free online code-learning resources.


8 Free Online Resources You Must Know to Learn Programming: A Compilation!


With a vast range of free tools and resources available, it gets difficult to know where to learn to code for free. 

Let’s dive in and explore how to learn programming for free! 

Below are eight beneficial online resources to learn to code for free. 


#1 Khan Academy


Khan Academy covers a wide range of topics, including several related to computer programming. It provides fantastic, free beginner-friendly resources for learning to code. Videos, flashcards, and code editor practice are the most common instructional tools. 

After the instructor has completed speaking, the participant can put their newfound knowledge to the test by completing the section’s challenges.


#2 HackerRank


One of the best ways to learn how to code is by practicing and working on your problem-solving skills.

Here you can put your coding skills to the test by solving a wide range of programming-related queries in various programming languages like Python, C, C++, Java, and much more.

HackerRank is one of the most beneficial websites on the internet because it has a lot of resources for budding developers. It offers a 30-day challenge to improve programming language skills, as well as many quick crash courses.


#3 GeeksForGeeks


If you want to understand the basic fundamentals of code and clear your concepts, GeeksForGeeks covers your first step of getting to know how to learn programming for free.

If you want to know how to learn C programming for free or how to learn Python for free, this website will rarely disappoint you. 

It includes well-written, well-considered, and well-explained computer science and programming articles, quizzes, and much more to help users acquire experience and improve their coding skills.


#4 HackerEarth


HackerEarth allows you to easily engage or source elite developers through hackathons, as well as assess, interview, and upskill them. 

Programmers can choose from several projects to practice, learn, and develop while competing in a variety of competitions and challenges on the platform.


#5 YouTube


When it comes to the word ‘free’, YouTube is always a valid choice!

So, if you want to know where to learn to code for free, the platform is available at your service all day and night.

There are numerous programming and coding-related channels on the platform from where you can gain knowledge about how to learn programming for free. 

Learning a new programming language has never been challenging with the help of YouTube!

From experienced teachers to skilled programmers, thousands of individuals are there on the platform to help you learn to code for free.   


#6 freeCodeCamp


Free Code Camp is a non-profit organization that provides programmers and developers with some of the most useful content and resources. 

It is one of the most trusted venues for learning to code for free, with a 3,000-hour educational program and over 40,000 graduates.

Moreover, it provides free verified certifications to students after their course completion. 


#7 Code Conquest


Are you still stuck on the question of how to learn programming for free?… Still want to know where to learn to code for free?

Consider Code Conquest! 

It is a free online coding guide for beginners. This free online resource provides a wealth of information on how to become a professional coder. Everything from learning a new programming language to getting started on a project and finding a code mentor is covered.

If you need more resources to advance your studies, Code Conquest also publishes coding training reviews and recommendations.


#8 Codeacademy


One of the most famous free coding websites for beginners is Codecademy. You can learn how to code and acquire knowledge about other technical skills on their site. 

It is based on interactive learning, which means you read a little, type your code into the browser, and immediately see the results.

It also provides one of the greatest platforms for learning to code, with a series of assignments to complete before moving on to the next level.

Learners can pick their classes depending on the language they want to learn or the job role they wish to pursue.


Still stuck choosing the right resource to learn? Don’t worry, we got your back!

Our quest into the question ‘how to learn programming for free’ will not be complete if we don’t talk about ‘The big three’!

The vault has been unlocked just for you!


More Resources for learning programming: From the archives!


Has it ever fascinated you how Netflix recommends shows that you were thinking about watching? Has it ever left you saying, “What kind of sorcery is this?” Have you ever wondered what’s going on behind the scenes?

Have you ever wanted to develop system and desktop applications? Do you know what programming language is used to develop popular games like Counter-Strike as well as games on various gaming consoles like Xbox and PlayStation?

The answer to the above questions would be Machine learning using Python and C and C++ programming.


3 best online courses to learn programming for free!


If you have always wanted to know how to learn Python for free or how to learn C++ programming for free, we have just the right resources for you.

Look out for these 3 online courses by two of the greatest tech giants!


#1 Google’s Python Class


This is a free class for people who want to learn Python and have some programming experience. The course includes written materials, lecture videos, and a large number of code exercises to help students practice Python programming.

Many of Google’s projects are written in Python. And within Google, these resources are frequently used to teach Python to those who are new to coding or have limited programming experience.

It is very important to learn Python, it is a widely used language. You can check out our article “5 Reasons Why To Learn Python” to know the importance of Python.


#2 Microsoft Free Python Course


Introduction to Python: Absolute Beginner‘ is a free course to learn Python by Microsoft. 

This course will teach you Python using Jupyter Notebooks, an online browser-based coding editor for Python. 

You will not need to install Python to take this course. It’s a 5-week course that requires 3-4 hours of study every week.

Microsoft also features a free Python course on Edx, another prominent online resource for free education.


#3 Google’s C++ Class


The Google for Education platform features Google’s C++ Class.

Written materials, lecture videos, examples, and exercises for practicing C++ coding are included in this class. The class also includes a program-based quiz.

Moreover, Google also has featured its C++ style guide which can be easily accessed by new developers and programmers to learn the programming language.  Learning C programming could be challenging as well but if you read our detailed guide on learning C programming in 5 easy steps then you can excel in your C coursework.

To get the idea of C++ check out our article on “What is Static Function In C++?”




Programming is indeed a valuable skill in today’s world. It has allowed us to give form to new and innovative ideas.

Advancements in technology are a crucial part of an evolving and progressing planet. As a result, computer programming is essential to our global generation’s future success. 

Undoubtedly, coding and programming solve our problems in creative ways. It is a wonderful experience that brings out creativity and helps in the development of personal objectives of an individual.

The internet is truly an amazing destination for finding resources to help you learn programming. Moreover, if you feel stuck with programming and coding or your programming homework, you can also get help with that. All it costs is a few bucks.

So take a deep breath, dive into the world of magical codes, and create new spells! 

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