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We are expert in the field of hybrid applications development practices and have build ‘n’ number of applications since this technology seeded.

It’s our culture to keep up with every key technology that comes up in the industry. So, let’s have a look into it and why you should prefer Hybrid applications over a native one.


Recently, a new development technique has emerged for the design of websites and mobile applications.
You must be wondering what is this technique?
It’s the Hybrid mobile application development technique. Let’s explore the hybrid application, its advantage to business as they tend to prevail in the market these days.


What is a Hybrid Mobile Application and why to use them?


First and foremost, let’s take a look at what is a hybrid application?

It’s actually an application that can be deployed on the Apple Store as well as on the Android Store(multi-platform ).

It can be better understood as a single application, which is able to work on any type of support. An example would be a program that runs on a Mac and PC.

A single application, a single code that does everything, that’s the magic of the multi-platform hybrid application.

With the arrival of new development tools in the market. It’s now possible to write code that can be interpreted by any type of device.

Due to this advantage, it reduces the constraints dedicated to each platform and the development team.

The so-called new generation hybrid application needs a small team of developers as compared to the native ones. Without creating new codes again for another platform hybrid app just need adjustment and little tweaks.

Why Hybrid Mobile Apps? 

There are so many reasons market for Hybrid app development is growing so fast. We have selected a few here below.

->> Multiple Platform Operated 

->> Low-cost development 

->> Web technologies based design and development

->> Wide Industry reach and exposure


How do mobile Hybrid Applications works?


Mobile Hybrid apps work just like regular native apps. The difference is that they are not restricted to a single deployment platform.

Therefore, it embeds various technologies from the web and native to be executed on all types of devices.

They also have an execution system that is housed in a native container that uses a mobile platform (Web View).

So much for the explanation!

All of this may seem technical and complicated. Remember now, it’s no longer necessary to develop a version of the application by the run-time system.

Such as IOS, Android, Windows Phone, PC, and Mac OS.  Right now, just one code is indeed enough, using one language for all the platforms out there.

It greatly improves the development time as well as the maintainability of the application.

Thus, makes it possible to put the product in the market faster and at less expensive rates.


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Hybrid Mobile App Development Company


Why CodingZap for Hybrid Mobile App Development?


Codingzap is bound to provide the top-notch and most importantly world-class hybrid mobile app development services to its clients.

Few reasons enlisted below you should hire us for Hybrid mobile applications development company.

1. World Class Hybrid Mobile Applications Development

We believe in delivering values to our clients. We analyze your requirements carefully and make sure that our best team is working on it.

Our experts develop your Mobile App platform in such a way which flawlessly works on both Android as well as the iOS platform. We also use advanced and Industry level framework like PhoneGap, Ionic, Sencha, React Native and others to make sure the best-upgraded quality app.

2. Support and Maintenance

We get so many queries regarding support and maintenance for Mobile Apps. It happens due to lack of care from App development company. We never leave our clients skeptical but provide them 6 months free support and maintenance. So, if you hire us for App development you really don’t have to worry about these major things.


3. Well tested products

We double check and make sure the product is well tested before we deliver it to you. Our QA team do functional and end to end testing rigorously before it goes to the production. So, don’t worry about the quality of the product.


How hybrid applications are designed?


As previously explained, a hybrid application combines various technologies, all usable with the same programming language.

This is JavaScript or more precisely TypeScript.

Which latter makes it possible to design a much more structured and secure code.


The great features of TypeScript are to allow the typing of various variables and other elements of the code.

This allows you to enter exactly the type of data processed.

Thus, allows translating typescript code into other programming languages that will be interpreted by native distribution platforms such as Android or IOS.

Another big revolution of hybrid application development is that the programming language Typescript.

Which allows developing not only the part called Front-end of the application but also the Back-end.

That is extraordinary!


What are the advantages of Hybrid Applications?


If perhaps you are thinking of developing an application for your work team, your target market or maybe both.

Hybrid applications can present you with a range of tools as well as resources necessary for your users, such as quick access to human resources information, profiles of clients and internal communication channels.


Advantage #1: Saving time and money


Hybrid applications have a unique compilation. The result is a saving of both time and financial resources that entail the development of multiple versions of the same application.

The generated version from a hybrid application will be valid for all devices, provided that it’s programmed correctly.

The cost of developing a hybrid application is considerably less than that of a native application.

The range of difference can be from $10,000 difference for simpler and smaller products to a whopping $100,000 for more complex business range applications.

While more aspects have to be taken into account when deciding the application development. The cost itself can play a decisive role in the decision of a company.


Advantage #2: online and offline access


If you are considering having only one web site, and not an application. Then you may be leaving out a target of your audience that will operate without an internet connection on some occasions.

Developers actually have the option to package the hybrid mobile application locally or simply through a server. Thus, hybrid applications are accessible both offline and online.

For your application, it will be necessary to have offline functionalities.

This will be essential for your hybrid application by using beta testers before launch, which can provide application performance information in a real, face-to-face context to solve possible problems that may not have been encountered during the initial development.

After the launch, the use of analytics in the application will help get feedback. The feedback can then be used to eliminate potential problems and retain users.

Helping both the customer and the application at the same time. Results can indicate where you should improve.

Maybe an important segment of your audience is trying to use your application offline and having problems. This analysis can actually help you understand the changes in your user base.

You can determine exactly who is using your hybrid application the most. Also if you need offline access to meet your demands you can make an effort in the respective direction.


Advantage #3: Effective updates


For smooth experience application always needs updates. The updates can be for eliminating errors that may negatively affect the user experience.

As a hybrid mobile app development process, the updates will be effective for the application in all operating systems.

In this case, it generates a greater return on investment for the update process.


We point out in Labs several reasons why hybrid application updates can be so effective: Having a single code base for multiple platforms, without the need to add additional employees.

The ability to avoid API development and not have to send each version of the application to the applications marketplace for approval.


Make The Right Choice For Your Business


The advantages and disadvantages relative to a hybrid application will often be reduced to the individual nature of your business and industry.

Making the right choice for your business can be confusing sometimes. Hope this blog helps you guys to take a correct and risk-free decision.

When considering the creation of a hybrid application. Use surveys and company analysis to determine how the advantages I have listed can apply to your specific case.

In addition to it, brands can also consider cross-platform solutions, which do not necessarily use web technologies.



As you may have already understood, the arrival of this new technology. Growing community and development tools are reinforcing hybrid technology. Such as powerful design using Angular, Ionic Framework and Electron never go unnoticed in companies.

For now, these tools allow better design and maintainability of applications. Also, that can adapt to the various platforms on which they will be used.

Let us know in the comments and if you are a client looking for services feel free to contact us.

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