IT and Corporate Training

Codingzap is designed and started with a mindset to provide help to students, independent professionals, and Startups. Driving our values we provide a broad range of IT and Corporate Training Services to students, independent IT professionals, and Corporate folks.

As the IT industry is rapidly flourishing so is the demand for skilled IT professionals. Our proficient experts at CodingZap provides the best hands-on training to candidates so that they can get the most valued jobs in the IT Sector.

What makes us the best IT Training Provider?


CodingZap is one of the leading Learning and IT training services provider. We help Students, IT professionals as they are keen to adopt technological advancement and improve their skills. Find out why us?

  • Live Virtual Classroom
  • Proficient experts
  • Focused on Hands-On training
  • Get an exposure to work on Live Projects
  • Free Demo Class before you choose us
  • Get help for your Job Interviews
  • Global Community access
  • Bootcamps
  • Custom Training as per your need
  • Free Study Materials

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Skill yourself with new technologies and trends and become a valuable part of your Organization.

Become a Full Stack Developer with CodingZap


Codingzap keeps up with the latest front-end and Backend technology trends to meet the growing client demands. The demand for skilled Full Stack Developers in the current IT industry has significantly increased.

  • Virtual Live Classroom (VLC) program for IT professionals who cannot  attend classroom program.
  • Get Training from the best and experienced experts anywhere in the world.
  • Get a chance to work on Live IT Projects.
  • Free Demo Classes
  • Customize your course as per your need.
  • Regular Boot camps
  • Get a Global exposure with foreign students and experts
  • Placement and Job interview assistance
  • E-learning and Webinars
Corporate and IT Training

Technologies in Demand

Front End

HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, JavaScript, TypeScript,  jQuery UI, Material Design (MUI), Angular, React, Ant design


Ionic 2,3 , React Native


Java and its frameworks, PHP, Node Js, C Sharp, Python


Oracle, SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Mongodb

Cloud Computing

AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud

Big Data

Hadoop, Hive, Scoop, Spark, HBase, Apache Pig, Kafka

IT and Corporate Training

Unleash the Power of Big Data

The next big thing is Data! The growing demand for Data cannot be met by conventional tools and technologies. So, the demand for professional and skilled experts is indeed demanding. If you looking for a rising opportunity in Big Data and its field then enroll yourself with our Big Data Course.

  • Understanding of Hadoop and Spark Architectures
  • Learn Data Analytics using Spark, Hive and Pig
  • Gain detailed understanding of Sqoop import and export modules
  • Deep dive into Complex Map reduce Programs, Hive Sqls and Spark dataframes
  • Master the art of creating Batch and Reatime data pipelines.
  • Get an exposure to work on real life-based Big Data Analytics projects.
  • Bootcamps with International students and experts
  • Virtual Classroom Program those who are busy enough to attend classroom program.

Big Data tools

Apache Hadoop, Cassandra, Spark, Hbase, Apache Pig, Kafka, Hive, Scoop

Who should enroll?

Any technology expert can learn Big Data and become a part of the revolution. A software developer, Data analyst, Mainframe experts, Testers and other enthusiasts can learn Big Data technology.

What are you waiting for? Unleash the power of Big Data and become an expert.