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A quick introduction to Jython

Jython Assignment Help Services

Let us understand this in a very simple way.

“Jython= Java + Python”

Well, this is it. Jython is nothing but an implementation of Python programming language on the Java platform that is JVM(Java Virtual Machine).

Jython came into the picture because Python Developer could access the large and vast library of Java.

Embedded Scripting is the major application of Jython programming language. Probably you have heard of javascript application with a Web page. It is nothing but an integration of JavaScript with a Web page to add more features to it.

Likewise in Jython, A Python programmer can get access to the Java libraries and could write complex Script using the classes of Java.

Basically, It supports OOP(Object-oriented programming) features of java and can import any Java classes and libraries.

First of all, if you are starting to do hands-on with Jython you need two important things:

  • JDK(Java Development Kit) for Java Compiler
  • Jython standalone JAR

These two essentials needed if you are setting up your first development environment for Jython

For an example:

>>>> from java.util import Some data

>>>> r=Some data()

>>> r.nextchar()

From the above example, we can see that Java libraries can be called and be being implemented into Jython.

This makes Jython enable to use Java classes and functionality freely in Jython program

So, this was the quick introduction of Jython and its environment setup details.

Advantages of Jython programming language:

  • Platform Independent

Jython could run on any platform of JVM( Java Virtual Machine) and It is not required some specific platform. So it is easy to use.

  • Dynamic typing/High-level introduction of data structure

It does support dynamic typing or high-level data structure. It reduces the lines of codes compared to Java.

  • No Compilation needed

Like the other programming modules, Jython does not needs any compilation. You can directly run and get the output.

  • Ranges of Applications

Due to its less complexity, platform independence and integration with Java it has got several applications. Jython is widely used in Automation Testing, RAD (means the Rapid development of applications).

Jython could be written in Swing, SWT (Standard Widget Tool kit) which supports Java platform.

But if you want more information regarding this you can click on the official website of Jython. https://www.jython.org/.

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Jython Assignment Help Services


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Jython Project Help, Jython Scripting Help

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Jython Assignment Help

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