Case Study: Kiéchef Logo Design


Client Requirement:

Kiéchef means who is chef,”Kiéchef” is also similar to the word “Kitchen” in English.

Please propose an image with alphabets meaning a secret combination of “Chef +Kitchen

  • Logo  and alphabet should be eye-catchy.
  • Modern font format for alphabet
  • Color Matching


Our  job was to design a logo for a new startup restaurant, with a knack for creating clean and appealing visualizations of Kitchen+Chef.

They wanted a symbol that would be simple, clever and modern, but at the same time connected with the name of their business.

It turned out that the kitchen utensils, toque and apron and is quite a popular theme in branding.

Drafted Designs:

Kiéchef Portfolio



Final result

I was able to create a very minimalistic, yet easily recognizable logo. A smart design that my client was thrilled with.