What Are The Reasons To Learn Python For Machine Learning

What Are The Reasons To Learn Python For Machine Learning?

Do you know why to use Python for Machine learning? Have you ever thought about the necessity to know the Python machine learning library during your final year at the university? Let us try to find out the reasons to know machine learning algorithms to become a good developer in the future.

But before we start writing about the reasons to use Python programming language for machine learning, we should know the definition of Machine Learning briefly. The proper definition will help to understand the necessity of Python for machine learning. Also, if you’re facing any difficulty in your Python homework and need help with Python homework then you can contact Codingzap experts.


What Is Machine Learning? Read Below


Machine learning is a special domain of computer science. It is so important that, oftentimes it is considered another subpart of computer science. To define Machine Learning, we can say that it is the most important subject that is going to rule the future.

In simple words, Machine learning is a process that uses any specific coding language & implements some mathematical functions. Based on those mathematical functions, we can solve some problems where human intelligence is necessary.

From the machine learning concept, Artificial Intelligence is developed. And the Machine learning concept is developed upon the Data Analytics concept. More times, a student misunderstands these three topics. But, they should know their proper order of appearance.

One of the major advantages of Machine learning is that it can store many previous data. And based upon that stored data, it has analytical power. For analyzing purposes, machine learning uses many mathematical concepts.

Using that theory, machine learning is being used for that Voice Recognition, Face Recognition, etc. Machine learning can store past data. Using those datasets, it can develop its intelligence. And based on that intelligence, such complex tasks can be solved.

During the university final year, students opt to develop Python machine learning projects. But they didn’t know their basics. Without knowing the basic root of machine learning, they jump for project development. And end with a very bad remark on their grade card.

So, it is advisable to first gather more & more knowledge about machine learning. We intend to discuss the need for Python for machine learning. So, we should move ahead in that direction. But before that, we need to discuss one important question.

Can machine learning only be possible by the Python programming language? Let us try to find out its answer. 

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Can Machine Learning Be Implemented Using Other Programming Languages? Get To Know


Providing an answer to the query will be a tricky one. There are still many concepts present, that show that Machine learning can be implemented using different programming languages. Also, some concepts advised relying only on the Python programming language.

The one major setback a developer can feel if machine learning is implemented with other programming languages is the static nature of programming languages. Most programming languages have static nature that creates hurdles during the development process.

The static nature of any programming language means that the variables that are declared inside of the program are executed during the compile time only. So, if there is a need to change the variable data during the run time of the program, it will cause an error.

In machine learning, a developer needs to use the run time variable change method frequently. So, using other programming languages will cause more difficulties for the developer. That is the reason; developers often bypass the use of other programming languages.

And if there is a short way is present why not use it? There is no evidence that machine learning can’t be implemented using other programming languages. But the path is very difficult & harsh to move on.

Also, there is another disadvantage is present to use other programming languages for developing machine learning. That is the lack of libraries in that certain programming language. Python is a library-rich programming language.

So, the use of Python programming language is going to certainly save time & effort for any particular project.  Let us have a look at the libraries in Python programming language which plays an important role in machine learning.


What Are The Libraries Present In Python For Machine Learning? 


Python programming language is based upon the presence of several libraries. It is hard to say which library will be used for the development of machine learning projects. 

But, there is a certainty that the following three libraries are the most important libraries for machine learning.

  • NumPy Package: 

It is the most important package that is being used inside of the Python programming language to fetch other important packages. NumPy or Numerical Python is the gateway of the advanced level of programming in the Python language. 

It is used for data analysis & mathematical calculation purposes. The NumPy package is written with the help of the C programming language which gives it a basic & efficient look.

  • Pandas Package: 

It is the package that is based on the NumPy package. The main use of the Pandas package is to work on the data. From performing data analysis to changing data to different forms, Pandas are used everywhere. 

Also, the Pandas are used to extract a subset of data from the original dataset. As the data is highly used inside of machine learning, the use of Pandas is necessary.


What Are The Libraries Present In Python For Machine Learning? 


  • Scikit-learn Package

Scikit-learn is one of the packages in Python programming language that is dedicated to the use of mathematical concepts. There are several algorithms present that help to work on the mathematical model.

We can take an example of the clustering algorithm, linear & logistic regression algorithm all of them fall under this package. So, without using this package one can’t implement machine learning using Python.

Now, the above discussion will be enough for you to understand the need for Python programming language in the machine learning development process. Such a large set of libraries are not present in any programming language.


What Are The Reasons To Use Python For Machine Learning?


We hope the point of the library is now clear to you. But not only the presence of a library but there are also some reasons present that give Python an extra edge in the machine learning development process. Let us have a look at the following topics that will bring more clarity.

  • Independent Nature:

The Python programming language is independent of any other possible programming language in the field of machine learning. The code that is developed with Python programming language can be executed in any of the IDEs or platforms.

Also, in several other operating systems, Python is executed in the normal manner. A developer doesn’t need to do anything to execute a complete Python code. It is a feature that is only available in the Python programming language.

  • Free To Use:

The Python programming language is completely free to use & open source in nature. No amount is needed to use the complete feature of the Python programming language. If we remove the static programming languages from the discussion, the dynamic programming languages charge some amount to use.

There are several dynamic programming languages are present like Python programming language. But they are not completely free. To use some advanced concepts, one should pay some amount. So, it will be better to go for Python.

  • Scalability:

The Python programming language is highly scalable. Scalability means that the Python programming language can handle a large dataset without having any issues. It can expand more in a horizontal manner that gives extra support.

In the Python programming language, there is a large support of functions that will be used to gather dataset information for the programs. Scalability is a good parameter in the development of machine learning.

  • Flexible Nature:

The Python programming language is highly flexible. The Python programming language can be used as the back-end programming language in the web development process. With HTML, CSS, and SQL, one can easily use Python programming language also.

In the machine learning development process, nobody knows which programming component needs to be used along with the core programming language. So, it will be better to choose one flexible programming language for the ML development process.

  • Easy To Code:

If you choose a programming language for machine learning where to print a simple statement, you need to write several lines, then that choice is going to be a fatal one. In machine learning, you should choose one programming language which is very simple to write.

And the Python programming language will be appropriate for that. We will not find any programming language which is easier than Python programming language. That is the reason; the Python programming language is highly used.




As we saw, the necessity of Python for machine learning is very high.

Python programming language has some unique features that match the necessity of the machine learning development process. That is the reason; Python is only used for the ML development process.

If you want to be a good ML developer start clearing the basic of the Python programming language. As the basic of Python programming language is going to give a better grip on advanced topics in the future. Still having issues understanding, you can always hire a programming tutor from CodingZap to clear your all doubts.

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