Responsive website development company

Are you looking for a Responsive website development company?

Responsive Website Development Company

You are at the best site who provides fluid responsive design or makes the website responsive.
We are a team of website developer and UI graphic designers who work hard to fulfill your requests and take every requirement carefully.

 Responsive website Development Company

Responsive website development company

Finally when it comes to turning an existing website/blog into a more responsive one.

CodingZap does that with ease.
Hence, CodingZap provides excellent service to its customers and clients.

So, Contact Us now to make your website responsive

Why is CodingZap the best responsive website development company?

Being driven by one of the finest web development team CodingZap has always proved to be the best responsive website development company.

We have worked and provided assistance to several websites struggling to leave their mark in the Web Development industry.

It is quite important to have a responsive website because each moment you lose your valuable customers to your website.

So, Don’t feel like Deer in Headlight because you need to be fast and quite responsive.

Being a responsive website development company it is our prime duty and priority once you reach us out for help.

Stop worrying about and contact us.

“It’s our promise we will change the look and feel of your entire website and make it responsive”

What are you waiting for?

Make your Website responsive now.

Make my site responsive

Responsive website development company

Let us do your hard work.

First of all, we analyze your existing Layout and Frameworks.

Then plan and finally implement suitable frameworks to make your website SEO friendly, flexible and responsive.

Since websites are not just limited to desktops and laptops. They are now been accessed on mobile devices as well.

The world has changed exponentially with the advance of mobile devices.

Seems it becomes important for us to set our priorities towards mobile viewers too.

So, don’t lose your valuable customers and visitor just because you don’t have a responsive web design.Responsive website development company

Therefore it is the right time to turn your businesses to be responsive.

User experience does matter and to improve that we are here to help.

Make your static, rigid website turned into a more user-friendly, mobile responsive design.

Also increase your readability, performance and get cross-browsing capabilities. We help you to rank above and make a mark among your competitors.

We help you to rank above in google. Therefore website makes a mark among your competitors with a leading edge.

Turn almost every visitor to fall in love with your website. No matter from whichever device the website is browsed from.

As a result giving your customers a more fluid,  mobile responsive and cross-browsing experience.

We have helped more than 65+ clients to achieve responsiveness to their existing website and blog.

They love to reach us and appreciate our quick services.

How to make a website responsive?

If you have good HTML and CSS knowledge then you can easily turn any website into a responsive website.
But it’s difficult to have those above skills.

Especially everyone is not a developer.

So, in such case we come to the rescue, helps to turn your site into mobile responsive design gracefully round the clock.

CodingZap has some of the finest experts who use advanced HTML and CSS concepts.

We use open source libraries like Bootstrap and Foundation for responsive web design.

Responsive Website Development Company

Step to use bootstrap

The steps are as follows:

  1. First of all, take a backup of the existing website or web page. So that if something goes wrong we can revert back the changes.
  2. Furthermore, import Bootstrap library from bootstrap official website or you can simply copy the CDN link of bootstrap from the website.
    Note: If you are using bootstrap CDN skip step 3,4,5.
  3. If you have already downloaded the bootstrap library then extract it. Also, navigate to the CSS and JS folder after extracting.
  4. Find the minified versions of CSS and JS files.
  5. Upload those minified CSS and JS files to your web directory.
  6. After that get the link of the minified CSS you have uploaded from your web directory.
  7.  Then include a link tag inside the header of your website. In addition to that put the source of the minified bootstrap CSS file in ‘href=’ property of the link tag.
    Example: <link type=’text/css’ rel=’stylesheet’ href= ‘ bootstrap.min.css’/>
  8. Also, include the bootstrap JavaScript minified version same way as you did it for the CSS.
    In the heading tag include a script tag and give the source of the bootstrap JavaScript in ‘src=’ property of script tag.
    Example: <script type=”text/javascript” src=” bootstrap.min.js”></script>
  9. Finally, download and include the JQuery JavaScript library from
    Example: <script type=”text/javascript” src=” Jquery.min.js”></script>

Therefore you are done with the setting up of  bootstrap library in your website/blog.

How to use bootstrap in HTML?

Responsive website development company

After setting up things you need the understanding –how to use the bootstrap library?

Note: This requires HTML and CSS knowledge.

So the best part is that bootstrap is purely CSS based library framework.

Which include various classes like Container, Jumbotron, Row and many other CSS classes which are pre-made to use.

We can also customize it but it’s not recommended unless you are a professional in doing so.

Thus, you can get to know the various components source:
and can learn about the grid system Bootstrap uses

We are expert in using Bootstrap. Get your website Bootstrapped now and enjoy the elegant components and mobile responsive design.

Require Bootstrap help? Contact us now.

Responsive Bootstrap components customization

Experts at CodingZap help customize your default Bootstrap components as required.

We are proud that we have pleased so many customers and clients across the globe by our service quality, consistent support.

So, why don’t you join your hand in hand with us to develop a new era of website building and design?

Contact us now.

Responsive Website Development Company- Contact us

Need a Bootstrap component?

We will design it for you in such a way that it compliments your existing look and feel giving more beauty and elegance to your website.

Some example of the bootstrap component includes –

  • Bootstrap radio button
  • responsive horizontal center form
  • elegant navbar with brand name included.
  • collapsable navbar and menu’s
  • responsive image and video components
  • Bootstrap form validations
  • Tables which are responsive

And the list goes on.

Looking for Responsive website development company?

Customers love to reach us out whenever it comes to making a  mobile-friendly website.

Why waiting? Avail our service now and make your website responsive.

“Get your rigid site moved to a more fluid, responsive and user-friendly website to grow your business fast”.

Reach us now for responsive web design

You are at the best site which helps and delivers Bootstrap service so professionally that will amaze you.

We built quality Front-end web projects and Enhance it effortlessly so, that you can build a great reputation in the market.

Bootstrap is the most popular mobile first web framework for designing website and web application.

We also provide a custom component for your websites such as bootstrap Navbar, Dropdowns, Alerts, Accordion, Carousel, and many other components.

We are always ready to get your HTML and CSS development done precisely.

In addition to that our other services include JavaScript, Jquery, React, Angular gives websites great user interactivity.

Highly skilled at implementing responsive design to websites and make any website responsive in very less time.

If you are facing any difficulty in the implementation of Bootstrap just Reach us out.

We are glad to help you out with your development of a responsive website.

We also provide modification of existing Bootstrap project according to your requirements.

Or if you want us to build it from scratch. No Problem!! 

Backed by the web expert we provide excellent web responsive design.

Advantages of Bootstrap

  • Responsive feature: Makes pages appear more appropriate on different devices and screen size/resolutions without affecting user readability.
  • Easy to use: Bootstrap is easy to use.
  • Compatible with the browser: All modern browser such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, Opera. Also, includes Cross-browsing capability.
  • Open Source: the best part is that it is free to download.
  • Community support: One of the biggest community support.

Site Built using Bootstrap Example-

Responsive website development company

Enrich your website with the best looking Bootstrap components with our best responsive design.

Order now and we promise you will fell in love with the UI.

Bootstrap Coding and Modification help:

Responsive website development company

We love Designing, Coding, and Modifying the website according to your requirement.

From writing codes to designing your web pages we know how to bring results real quick.

Is your website having the wrong impression?

Do you want to change the existing bootstrap code with a responsive one?

“Let us bring the solution for you-CodingZap”

Contact us now.

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