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In the World of Online Business if you want to make persist your visibility to Search engines then SEO is a must thing for you.

SEO is one of the most critical things to the Online Business. At Codingzap we offer you the best solution for On-site and Off-site SEO Services.

Being a Seach Engine giant Google handles billions of search query each day So, it’s quite difficult sometimes to make your presence to the First page.

Our Proven methodology and SEO techniques guarantee your boost in Seach Traffic by 200 %.



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Are you not visible to your potential customers?


Our Digital Marketing Services help you in reaching your potential clients everytime.


Have a glance at what we offer to you. Our experts will create a brand value of your Online business and make sure you are

soaring high.


Services covered in our Digital and Content Marketing Services:


Keyword Analysis

The most important and crucial part of Small business SEO is keyword research and analysis. We analyze the perfect keywords for you so that you can get higher ranking in Seach Engines and get a good business.

Our experts not only analyze the right keyword for you but also give you the full insight of your competitors

Social Media Presence

Social media drives the current century so it does your business as well. How people will know about your business? – Search engines and Social media.

So, its very important to make your business visible on Social media. Our Get noticed service will help you to spread your business on social media.

Responsive Web Design

You can't afford to avoid mobile visitors to your website as in the world of growing mobile users. Responsive Web design is a must thing if you don't want to lose your potential customers.
Codingzap is a responsive web development company which uses Bootstrap, Foundation, and Custom design to fix your page responsiveness issues.

Content Writing

As per the research, the companies with the blog get more business than companies without a blog. So, if you really want to succeed in Online business then you must have a Blog for your website.

We have got awesome Web Content Writer for your Website Blog. Our experts write SEO friendly content for you

Link Building Strategy

No matter how much your content is fresh and depth but the Search engine like Google still give them the priority. The website with a good backlink tends to get higher ranking in Search appearance.

So, we analyze your competitors and help you to outrank them with our massive link building strategy.

Lead Generation

We create a custom strategy for your Online businesses. Lead generation is one of the important aspects of Digital Marketing. Our team identifies your potential customers and promote your business for a better ROI.

Meta Tags Optimization

Meta tags are some important piece of information about your content and it plays a vital role in deciding your position in Google and other search engines. The best-ranking websites have quite rich Meta tags having featured keywords.

Codingzap helps you to fix your Meta tags and also optimize it to provide you the better Search Engine Visibility.

Site Loading Speed

How will you keep clients on your website? Site Speed or Page Loading Speed. Yes, If you Page loading speed is really fast then Google tends to give you the higher ranking than pages with more loading time.

We make sure that your page loading speed is between 1-3 seconds max. Our experts will make your web page like fluid so as the superb loading speed.


In the world of growing business, Advertising is the key factor that decides the fates of the company. At Codingzap we truly analyze your potential customers and make sure your investment hits the Bullseye. Whether its an Online or Offline, our proven methodologies has really given the best results.

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SEO and Content Marketing Services

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So, if you want to see magic in your Online business then you are the right place. We take care of your business and make sure it is generating a massive amount of traffics and businesses.

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