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Hey folks! You must be having a burning desire to succeed in your online business platform that’s why you are here. Well, Codingzap offers you one of the best Small business SEO Services and Affordable SEO Services.

Google! Yahoo! Bing! – Search Engines.

So, You can not go and ask them Hey, please give us a good ranking for my business.


The role of SEO appears here. SEO ( Search Engine Optimization). We will talk about this later on but let me ask you some questions before we proceed.

Are you a small business?

You have fantastic resources but don’t have potential customers?

If all the above is yes then you have landed at the perfect destination.


Hire us for SEO Services and we will boost your traffic by 200 %


Yes! Heard it right.

In the world of the competitive business environment, everybody wants to become successful. But there are so many challenges come when you do online business.

In order to maintain that you need a professional SEO Service who can look after your business 24X7, 365 days.

So, Here our role comes as a Professional SEO Expert.

Our proven SEO techniques and methodology not only boost your traffic but also help you to acquire a big base of Clients.

Well, you must be thinking about what base they will boost my traffic by 200 %.

Obvious question.


This is the actual data of Codingzap taken a few years back.


small-business-seo-services- Stats

In 7 days we increased our user base by 82.4% and by the month-end we achieved more than a 200% boost in organic traffic.

” More Traffic == More Business “

We have helped so many small businesses to boost their traffic and search appearances in Search engines.

now question is, 


How we provide Small business SEO Services: Affordable SEO Services?


There are so many factors which decide your web presence in the present scenario. Change in Search engine Algorithm has made it a little more complex and competitive to rank.

But thanks to our experts who make SEO so easy and flawless that really help you to rank in Search Engine.

So, What are the main factors that cause your ranking in Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other Search engines?

  • Keyword Research and Analysis
  • Website Coding Structure – Loading Speed, Leverage Cache, etc.
  • Content on your Website 
  • Link Strategy 
  • Social media presence
  • Digital Marketing
  • ON and OFF Page SEO 

We not only give you the foundation start to your business but also we provide you the best SEO Solution. So, you can outrank your competitor to gain more traffic and business.

Process flow: How we do it?

Refer this Infographic below for more information that how we help you with your SEO help Services.


Affordable SEO Services - Process flow


So, you might have gone through the infographic and must be having a clear picture in your mind about the process flow.

Let me present you a short and crisp Case Study about a Small Business SEO.


Are you a small business? You are at the perfect place for cheap SEO Services


Hey Folks!

Are you running a small business and searching for an affordable Small business SEO Services then you landed in the perfect place.

Our customized plans help you to transform your business into a cash influx business. 

Have a look at our Plan: Get the best suitable plan for you?

We know you are running a small business that is why we are offering quite affordable Small business SEO Services.

Our customized plans for SEO help you to choose the right plan for your business. So, here we are giving an insight of our SEO plans.


Get noticed to the Search Engine: Ideal for Initial business 


Hire best SEO services provider

Are you a newbie?

Do you know what does SEO stand for?

So, the very first step in the SEO business is your Website Health checkup. We analyze and fix the website codes and errors to make sure it is ready for the appearance in the Seach Engines.

  • Keyword research and Analysis

The most important and crucial part of Small business SEO is keyword research and analysis. We analyze the perfect keywords for you so that you can get higher ranking in Seach Engines and get good business.

Our experts not only analyze the right keyword for you but also give you the full insight of your competitors.

  • Web Content Writing

“Well said it is- Content powers the web”.

As per the research, the companies with the blog get more business than companies without a blog. So, if you really want to succeed in online business then you must have a Blog for your website.

We have got awesome Web Content Writer for your Website Blog. Our experts write SEO friendly content for you.

  • Social media presence and bookmarking

Social media drives the current century so it does your business as well.

How people will know about your business? – Search engines and Social media.

So, it’s very important to make your business visible on Social media. Our Get noticed service will help you to spread your business on social media.

Get in touch with us to use our Small SEO business Services now.


Get a boom in your business: Ideal for Small businesses who need a push  


Have you already started?

Want to increase your traffic and business?

If yes then let us ignite your business to a new height. Our team will help you to boost your traffic and business.

  • Linking Building Strategy

No matter how much your content is fresh and depth but the Search engine like Google still give them the priority. The website with a good backlink tends to get higher ranking in Search appearance.

Think like that, If you are a leader and fighting an election. If you will get support from other parties or members your chances are high to win the election.

Isn’t it?

Here happens the same. If you will get some good quality (Do follow) backlinks from other websites having good domain rating will give you a phenomenal boost in search appearance.

So, we analyze your competitors and help you to outrank them with our massive link building strategy.

Powered by the best analysis tools and software we analyze your competitors every move and give you the best insights.

  • Social media Influence and bookmarking

Social media influence and bookmarking come under Off-Page SEO. I have explained this with a beautiful example below.

You must be thinking what is that? why is the need for this?

As per our analysis despite good content and On-Page SEO if you have zero or negligible social media appearance then other websites might outrank you.

So, our strategic planning and needful action will give you a skyrocket technique to achieve a better ranking in the Search Engine.

Cheap SEO services

Want the best result in Small business SEO Services?

Codingzap is offering the best solution for Small business SEO in a quite affordable price quote.

If you are starting your Small Online Business and want us to work on your SEO from Scratch then we highly recommend y0u to use our Complete Solution plan.

What do we offer in our Complete Solution Plan?

  • Keyword research and analysis 
  • Content Writing and optimization 
  • Website Speed and responsiveness
  • On-Page SEO
  • Off-Page SEO
  • Digital Marketing Services 

We have more than 3+ years of experience in SEO Services. Our Small business SEO Services are full proof and helped more than 10+ clients till now.

Hire us for the Complete Solution of your Small business SEO.


Contact us for SEO services


A sneak to a case study on Small Business SEO: How things go on?


We will discuss a Small Business in the City of Delhi, India. I will show you how they are ranking and getting traffics as well as business.

So, let’s start.

Step 1: Let’s analyze a keyword – “Best Hair salon in Delhi”

Keyword Research

Just have a look at this Keyword “Best Hair Saloon in Delhi”.  So many small Salon businesses depend upon this.

The volume of this Keyword is 500 and the traffic potential is 1000.  Just think how many visitors daily search for this keyword.

I mean if anyone will search this keyword in Google they will go to the top 3 websites ranking in the search engine.

So, my main motive is to show you how your online business will be impacted by the ranking of the keywords.

“The Higher is your ranking, the more business you will receive”.

Step 2: Now Analyze this keyword: Who is ranking? Why they are ranking good?

Just have a look at this data taken from one of the very good analytics tool Ahrefs.

You can see the search results for the keyword “Best Hair Salon in Delhi”. 

Cheap SEO services by Codingzap

So, you can see the websites ranking 1,2 and 3 in the top search ranking obviously getting 70% of the entire traffic.

Do you know why they are ranking 1,2 and 3 in the search engine?

->> Due to their massive Social media appearances 

->> Responsive web design.

->> Best Keyword research and analysis

->> Their good work with meta descriptions and Permalink.

But if you have noticed the website Nearfox is ranking 4 in order despite lower DR(Domain Rating) is because it has Backlinks.

So, these are the features of this searching analysis.

Backed by the highly experienced team at Codingzap we not only analyze your competitors but also tell you how to get better business and traffic.

What are the outcomes of this analysis?:

  • The websites having a good Domain Rating tends to get a higher ranking.
  • Websites with the most backlink despite lesser Domain Ranking get the higher ranking.
  • The Website with the nice content or Blog gets a higher ranking than other websites which are only having higher Domain rating and backlinks.
  • Less is the loading speed of the website higher is the ranking.
  • Long-tail keywords also create a massive impact on a website ranking.

So, these are the major insight of the Ranking Analysis. There are so many other factors which decide the ranking in the search engines.

Hey! You don’t need to worry about that. We will take care of everything.


Our Affordable SEO Services: Get in touch with us now


Folks! If you really want to succeed in your online business then Web Presence is a must. Yes! because the Internet is widely used for business now.

Our broad range of SEO services give an edge to your business and help them to flourish. Check it our affordable SEO Services for Small Business.


Our affordable On-Page SEO Services


let me give you a brief idea about On-Page SEO so that you will have a clear picture in your mind.

What is On-Page SEO?

If you want to understand the On-Page SEO in a very simple way. So, here it is – On-page SEO is something that we deal with the technicality of a website like a Site Speed, Tags(meta description), Keyword research, Page optimization, etc.

Our highly researched and well-comprehended methodology improve your On-Page SEO and make it best to rank in Search Engines.

Our On-Page SEO Services at a glance:

  1. Site Speed Analysis and Services
  2. Title Tag and Meta Descriptions 
  3. Keyword research analysis 
  4. Content Writing and optimization 
  5. Internal link building strategy 
  6. Boosting Dwell time
  7. Making your webpage responsive 
  8. Image optimization

Our On-Page SEO techniques will help your ranking in search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, and others.

As one of the latest research analysis shows that Google tends to give higher ranking to highly optimized websites.

Having responsive design and other On-Page Optimization gives you an edge over your competitors. So, get in touch with us now for your On-Page SEO Services.

See how to make your page Website responsive?: Check out our Responsive website Development post 

We make your website as fluid as water. Contact us now to make your website quick responsive.


What is Off-Page SEO?


Hence both On-Page Seo and Off-Page Seo are more or less equally important for ranking in a Search engine, I will give you a quick review of this.

Off-page SEO is something you advertise your business or spread the word.

It is about making Backlinks to your website and increasing the Social media appearance. Trust me Off-Page SEO is as important as On-Page SEO.

We gotta distribute our time and efforts equally on both the part then only we can rank high in the search engines. Only a website having good content and good On-page SEO can’t rank on the top. So, both are important.

Our Off-Page Services at a glance:

  1. Link Building Strategy
  2. Social media presence strategy 
  3. Digital Marketing and analysis 

Link building and Social media strategy are two important things along with Digital marketing.

If your website is having good content and you are still lagging into the search appearance then it is obvious your Social media appearance and link strategy are poor.

We make the best strategy to succeed you in the market and make sure you get superb business as well as traffic.


CodingZap Technologies SEO services


5 reasons you should hire us for affordable Small SEO business Servies


You have read our blog till here then you must be knowing the value of SEO.

We at Codingzap believes in our core values and always try to deliver the best outcome to our clients.


Know why us for your Small business SEO Services: Affordable SEO Services company?


  1. Reasonable price quote  

One of the most prominent thing that a website owner looking for is the price quote. We understand you so offer a decently affordable price quote.

Our price is the best in the market. Don’t worry about anything. Our topmost priority is your success.

      2.  Quick action 

We don’t like to delay anything. our goal is to provide you with full proof of SEO Services in less time.

As the competition is increasing day by day we understand your need and work from the very first day.

See results in 10-15 day.

      3. Hassle-free Services

Our belief is to provide hassle-free services to our clients. You don’t need to make an appointment for business.

Just ping us on WhatsApp, Facebook or give us a call or email your requirement.

That’s it. Our Business Development team will contact you and then you go.

      4.  Learn SEO from our experts

Yes! Heard it right.

We will teach you SEO so that you can easily work on your next venture. Well, this will be a limited knowledge but you will be smart enough to do basic SEO for a website.

        5. Premium quality and Deliverables 

Our SEO Services are world-class. Not exaggerating, Just use our services once and you will know this.

We work round the clock to make sure the quality of the deliverables is perfect.

So, hand over your SEO to our team and be relaxed. We will give you the best results in 1-2 weeks.

If you want Programming Help Services, Mobile App Development Services, WordPress Website Development Services then you can contact us.

Our Programming Services are world-class which help you get good grades in Computer Science Projects.


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