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SQL Homework Help | SQL Query Help

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If you want to learn some basic SQL ideas you can read out our blog below and you will have a much better understanding of SQL.

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First of all, you must know What is SQL?

Well, you must be knowing about it but for those who are unaware of this language, SQL is Structured Query Language which is used to maintain the database and related operations like modification and manipulation.

We are presenting you some of the basic operations in SQL(Structured Query Language) so that you can have a sound idea before you start doing your homework.

So by Server, you can understand a location(platform) where data is stored and retrieve data from
that server you need a language called SQL.

For example, suppose we have a below Table named EMPLOYEE. Which is stored in your server and you
want the data present in that server.

How to get it?

Don’t be blank we will show you.






Follow the steps:

Just write  Select * from EMPLOYEE;

->> With this, you can retrieve all your data present in the table.

So,  now you know how to retrieve data from your server….cool!!!!

Let’s see another example:

Now just think you got homework to Get the Sum of all the employee present in your table?

SQL Query Help | SQL Homework Help

How will you proceed?

You can do it in a simple query: Select sum(salary) from EMPLOYEE;

With the above query with getting the sum in result window: sum(salary)=9584.11

So, you just saw how to get the sum of all the salary present in the table.


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How to fix errors in your SQL Queries?


Did you guys face any error while running any SQL query in server saying “Syntax Error”? If yes, don’t be .. We will serve you the proper query which will help you in your homework.

Again we will take a small example to make you understand how to fix the error in a given query?

Example: The error may be the allocation of integer to string or string to integer or the use of any predefined functions which stops you to do your homework, Come to us and you will find all your solutions.

If you want to get only the data related to name =HANK MOODY from the below table then,

SQL Query Help | SQL Homework Help

Query:  Select * from EMPLOYEE where E_NAME=HANK MOODY; It will show you a syntax error because a string cannot be compared as an integer.

Select * from EMPLOYEE where E_NAME=’HANK MOODY’;

From the above query you will get the below result:

E_ID       E_NAME                SALARY        DEPARTMENT
0003    HANK MOODY           2000.00           SALES


Wanna See in Depth SQL Queries?


Well, we will not go in much depth but we will give you some insight of the next level SQL Query.

So, if you come across a scenario where you want to retrieve common data between two tables then what should be used?

Well, It can be simply done by using joins.

Do you want to extract common data between two tables?

we will show with below example show that you will have some understanding.


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SQL Query Help | SQL Homework Help



The above query will give you all the common data:

SQL Query Help | SQL Homework Help


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You just saw how we wrote a simple query that gave us meaningful results. Using the Property of Joins we fetched the data from the above tables and made it simpler for you.

Do you want to know more about joins and how and when to use Left join or Right join?

Want to get some idea? Let’s sees below pictures. Before that, I am having 3 questions for you guys!!!!!

1. I want to retrieve common data between two tables, what shall I do? What join should I use?
2. I want to retrieve common data as well as data from table 2. What join should I use?
3. Want to retrieve common data as well as data from table1. What join should I use?

These are the questions that often stop you from moving forward. Now you will not stop because we are with you. Hire SQL Tutors online and get SQL tutoring help.

So, just by seeing the below pictures, you will come to know How, When and What type of JOINS we should use.


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Creation of table: Designing your own Database 


Hey Folks!! want to design your own Database?

Well, It often comes to our mind how can we create our own database and insertion of records into that?

So it’s very simple just have to enter a simple query:

Example: create table Employee;

Using the above query a table of name Employee will be created in your database where you can insert your data and retrieve it whenever needed.


What are SQL Clauses? Know about it


You often come to a situation where you want to retrieve a specific type of data like a person with a high salary or a person with a specific type of name.

No need to think much about this using different types of clauses like WHERE or IN you get the specific type of data from the database as per your need.

Example: Select * from table_name where column_name=condition;

If you want to get only the data related to name =HANK MOODY from the below table then,

SQL Query Help | SQL Homework Help


Select * from EMPLOYEE where E_NAME=’HANK MOODY’;

So, after fetching the table from the above query you will get the below result:


If you have any queries regarding that, feel free to reach out and get your problem solved in minutes.


Help with SQL Homework


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