Testing and Quality Assurance

welcome to Testing and Quality Assurance Services of CODINGZAP.

Software testing and quality assurance services

Testing and Quality Assurance Services


CODINGZAP provides full fledged QA and Software testing and qality assurance Services.

Expertise in Web as well as Mobile Application testing we believe in giving finest Quality Assurance services to our client.

A dedicated QA team works closely with development team to make sure whatever they are nurturing should be nearly perfect.

The QA team uses highly optimized Test scripts and methodology to test the applications. We directly contact to the client and give them full control and assistance so that their preferences always remains stable and mobilized.


Why us for Testing and Quality Assurance?

  • Quality Assurance Experts

When it comes to Experts, We know our value.

CODINGZAP has got dedicated expert Software testers and Quality assurance associates. Even I am an ISTQB certified tester. I just did this certification for learning purpose. When you create something, you must have an Idea how to test it.

Being a tester I can get the feel of an Application which I made it. We have got experts in Software testing. So don’t worry about your Product and Application quality. We do test it

  • Comprehensive QA Expertise

When it is about Testing a product or an Application it always matters a comprehensive approach and knowledge. We practice well fledged comprehensive approach to make sure the Application is Bug-free. From the functionality testing to Integration testing, from compatibility testing to UI testing we do everything.

  • Domain Expertise

From last 3-4 years, our QA experts have got massive expertise in testing solution. From functional testing to Agile, from integration testing to compatibility testing our experts at CODINGZAP choose comprehensive approach to test an Application. Sit back and relax! our experts are here to give best services.

  • 100% transparency and result

Our every approach taken to the testing is 100% visible. We do not hide anything from you. You have got 100% control on our comprehensive testing approach and methodology. We share our test plan, test design and approach so that it gives us satisfaction and 100% transparency to you.


Testing and Quality Assurance Services

Our QA approach is unique and well proven. It is recognized by our clients very significantly. Our Business Analysis team first hold a meeting with our clients, gathers requirement and closely work with development and testing team.

Our QA team takes care of every scenario made by test manager in the Test plan and closely work with clients for feedback and suggestions. From manual testing to Automation testing we do everything that comes under our best practices.

Optimized and comprehensive QA approach used by our team:

  • Optimum QA strategy
  • Available right tools
  • A full fledged test plan
  • Setting up test environment
  • Test design
  • Execution of Test cases
  • QA deliverable #Run wise delivery
  • Bug fix and  Regression testing

QA Expertise at a look:

  • Functional testing
  • integration testing
  • Usability testing
  • compatibility testing
  • Security testing
  • smoke testing
  • load testing
  • Acceptance testing
  • User Interface testing
  • Automation testing

Tools and technologies:

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