The Ultimate Guide to Different Types of Coding Languages

Do you want to learn to code, but are not sure from where to start? The ultimate guide to different types of Coding languages can open your eyes for good. Ok, so now you wish to learn coding and web development. But, there are different types of programming languages. Have you thought about which one to learn? 

This can be quite a difficult task. With different types of coding language options, choosing a single one can be very confusing. So what to do?

Don’t worry.

The Ultimate Guide to Different Types of Coding Languages

This guide will explain all the different types of coding languages in detail. Whatever be your objective or requirement, this guide will break it down for you. Will that do?

But before we begin, let’s first understand what is Coding language.

Let’s get started.


What is a Coding Language?


Computers understand only binary language, which is 1s and 0s. However, humans do not understand it. So what to do?

For this reason, coding language was developed to convert these 1s and 0s into a simple language. A Coding Language is like a tool. It is used to provide a set of guidelines for a computer system to follow. 

Result? Thanks to coding language, humans could understand the binary language easily.

In other words, Coding Language is the best way for humans to give instructions to a computer. 

So which coding language do you wish to learn? The list is long.


Why do you need to learn coding languages?


The increasing technological development is the main identity of the 21st century. Everything in this 21st century is related to technology. Don’t you agree?

Be it your alarm clock, or the coffee vending machine, everything has a touch of technology. Also, your smartphones and the internet that have made life easier is an example of great technology. 

Are you wondering how coding is related to this? 

Well! Behind every technology, there is someone who programmed it. Someone used a programming language and created the technology. This is why coding is important. Now you know?

Do you need more reasons why it is important to learn to code?

Here’s the list:

  • Create anything you desire

Will you like to create anything you like? Computer programming helps you to turn your idea digital. You can turn your idea into an app. Once it is released in the market, it can have several buyers. However, building an app not just requires money, but skills too. Without proper knowledge of coding, you will depend on others to develop the app. 

So learn to code.

  • Mix creativity with technical skills

Who doesn’t like mixing it?

However, you may not get the excellent opportunity to mix technical skills with creativity. Not to mention, most jobs do not have this opportunity. This is why programming is a difficult but exciting career for all.

Will you like to learn to program? Which coding language will you like to learn? 


Guide to different types of Programming Languages to Learn in 2021


Here is the list of different types of programming languages you can learn for a great career.

Are you ready?

Here we go:



It is an advanced programming language. This language is object-oriented and is designed on strong semantics.

Want to more about it? Here it is:

  • Skills required-  Problem-solving and critical thinking
  • Platform- Desktop and Web
  • Popularity – Medium popularity among programmers
  • Advantages- Readable, flexible, and scripted
  • Usage degree- Coding Skills are highly used. They are used in technical education and businesses alike


It is a high-level, object-oriented programming language. It runs on numerous devices and is considered a secured programming language.

Want to more about it? Here it is:

  • Skills Required- Object-oriented structure knowledge. Problem-solving capability
  • Platforms: Mobile, Desktop, and Web
  • Popularity- High demand among developers
  • Advantages- Gain coding skills and access to computer functions like graphics, file systems, etc.
  • Usage degree- Widely used across the globe


This object-oriented programming language is open-sourced. It can be used separately or as Ruby on Rails.

Want to more about it? Here it is:

  • Skills required- Critical thinking, problem-solving
  • Platform- Web
  • Popularity- Its popularity among the developers is increasing
  • Advantages- Highly flexible, easy syntax (for reading and writing), applies great programming style
  • Usage degree- Used broadly

HyperText Markup Language (HTML)

It is a standard markup language. HTML  is generally used to create web pages. It makes sure text and images are formatted properly.

Want to more about it? Here it is:

  • Usage- Only professionals like web developers, technical editors, IT employers, etc. use it
  • Platform- Web development, email programming
  • Benefits- Helps to create electronic documents (pages), free and easily accessible
  • Forums- Stack Overflow, HTMLforum

Additional programming languages to learn




Created by Microsoft, C# supports object-oriented programming. Not to mention, it is one of the strongest programming languages for the .NET framework. 

Furthermore, it works best for applications on iOS, Windows, Android, etc.

Want to more about it? Here it is:

  • Skills required- Basic knowledge about writing a code
  • Platform- Cross-platform which includes enterprise and mobile software applications
  • Benefits- Open source, easy to use, quick, huge library, object-oriented, etc.
  • Popularity- Moderately popular
  • Usage degree- Most of the Microsoft software developers use it

C and C++

It goes without saying that C is the most common and oldest programming language. Furthermore, it is the root of all other programming languages like Java, C#, JavaScript, etc. C++ is just the improved version of C.

Want to more about it? Here it is:

  • Skills required- General computer knowledge and problem-solving. Basic knowledge about computer functions like memory management crucial
  • Platform- Desktop, Mobile
  • Popularity- Generally developers shift programs from C to C++. C++ is widely popular
  • Advantages- Learning C helps to understand the basic fundamental programming. C++ on the other hand lets users get a higher control
  • Usage degree- Both C and C++ are widely used

PHP Hypertext 

PHP is a scripting language that is open-source and creates dynamic web pages. These pages work with databases.

Want to more about it? Here it is:

  • Skills required- No such skill is required. However, a programming background is encouraged
  • Platform- Web, Desktop, and Mobile
  • Advantages- Open-source, reasonable pricing, flexible, easy to develop
  • Usage degree- Mostly by websites


This programming language was issued in 1980. Programmers and developers use Matlab to create applications. Generally, they are Machine Learning and Deep Learning applications. Furthermore, Matlab programs allow users to make algorithms, review data, process the images, etc.

In other words, Matlab is very easy to learn. As compared to other programming languages on the list, Matlab is easier.

Want to more about it? Here it is:

  • Skills required- Simple knowledge of programming is recommended
  • Platform- Generally desktop
  • Popularity- Less famous than Python.  However, the popularity is in increasing day by day


Swift is an open-source programming language. It works for iOS and OS apps. 

Want to more about it? Here it is:

  • Skills required- No prior programming experience is needed
  • Platforms- Mobile
  • Popularity- It is highly popular among the Apple iOS application developers
  • Advantages- Easy to learn, has fewer codes, clear syntax, open-source, etc.
  • Usage degree- It is used to build  iOS apps for the iPhone, Apple Watch, and iPad

Was this helpful? This is the most detailed and ultimate guide on different types of coding languages. This will help you make the decision more wisely. 

So choose your programming language wisely.


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