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UI UX development is a common term used nowadays. In today’s software industry, look and feel plays an essential role. Obviously, it does because in order to give maximum satisfaction to the customer one must have an attractive and easy to use UI.

User experience gives a basic skeleton of a product. Being a prominent leader in UX UI design and development we know how it feels when a client gets an insight into his dream application or product through UX and UI design.

Design process

So, let’s rush into the basics of UX UI design process and decode its fundamentals.

Do you know what is design?

The design is something which solves a problem. In software and digital world, the design provides convenience in such a way that human interaction with the digital is simplified.

Folks! It’s all about the User experience. You definitely want a fantastic user experience right? So, now you understand the importance of design in the creation of any applications.

That was a simple crux of what design is. Moving forward with what we call ” UI UX ” let’s have a detail discussion.


The Difference Between UI UX Development


We’ve heard all the talk about the great UX of a product or the interface of a bad website. But what are we talking about? Do these individuals only use slang to look good?


What does it mean to be a UX UI Designer?

UX design refers to the term user experience, while UI design means user interface. Both elements are essential for a product and work together.

Despite the professional relationship between UI and UX Development, the roles themselves are very different. Relate to very different elements of the design process and the discipline.

If two designs are an analytical and technical field, the UI design is closer to what we call graphic design.  Though the responsibilities are a bit more complex.

When you think of a product as a human body. The operating system represents the code that gives it a structure. The organs represent the design of UX i.e the measurement and optimization to support life functions. The design of the user interface symbolizes the cosmetics of the human body: its senses, its presentation, and reactions.

It’s still a bit confusing.

As you will read the UX UI development in this article things will get more clear.

The UX and the UI are actually some of the most confusing used words in this field. A user interface without UX is almost like the painter who practices without thinking of a canvas.

While the User Experience without user interface is akin to the frame of paperless sculpture stuff. An excellent product experience starts with user experience, followed by a user interface. Both are crucial to the success of the product.

UX UI mockup

Thinking about getting a cool, crisp and pixel-perfect looking UI UX?

Experts at Codingzap will help you out in achieving visually comfortable, pleasing and eye-catchy User Interface design.

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What is User Experience Design( UX design)?


The design of the user experience is the first human way of designing products. The term UX comes from the user experience and represents the emotional feeling of a user interface. Although I participated in the introduction, the definition has no relation to technology or to numerical references.

The term UI UX was invented in the late ’90s. Thanks to a certain Group Design Consultancy in the USA.

The UX covers every facet of the end user’s dealings with the business, its products as well as services.

This means that UX Design covers all the interactions between a potential or active client and a company. The process is scientific, it can be applied to everything, street lighting, IKEA shelves, cars, etc.

Analysis And Iteration

Influence in commercial design and project management. The role of UX is complex, difficult and diverse. Ultimately, the goal is to link business objectives to the needs of the user through a reliable process. Also, do improvements to satisfy both sides of the relationship.


The User Experience Design (UX) In Detail:

The user experience design is the process of developing and improving the high-quality interaction between a user.

User Experience Design is responsible for implementing the research process, testing, development, content and the creation of prototypes to test quality results.

The design of the user experience is theoretically a non-digital practice. The lesson here is that if perhaps you are interested in human interaction, and fun products, the user experience is one of your favorite areas.


What Is a User Interface (UI) Design?


Adobe illustrator

The User experience is a conglomerate of tasks aimed at optimizing a product for efficient and pleasant use. The design of the user interface is the compliment, the appearance, the presentation and the interactivity of a product.

But as with the UX, the interface can be easily and often confused.

If you look at the contributions to the UI design, you’re going to find mainly interpretations of the profession that are similar to graphic design. Sometimes also in the design of the brand and even in the development of front-end!

If you look at the definitions of the UI design experts, you will mainly find descriptions that are in part identical to the design of the user experience.

What Is The Best? The Sad Answer Is Neither One Nor The Other!

But both are somehow close. Like the user experience designer, the user interface designer has a versatile and challenging role. He is responsible for translating the development, research, content, and design of a product into a rewarding and attractive experience for users. It’s also an area that, unlike UX, is a strictly digital profession, as defined in the dictionary:

User interface: Composite name: the means by which the user and a computer system interact, including the use of devices and software. In other words, this includes the relationship with the brand, the, and the front-end design.

Whether you choose a UX design or a UI design, it is important to understand how they work and, most importantly, how you work with them.


Let’s take a quick look at the responsibilities of the UI designer:


  • Branding and graphics development
  • Look and feel
  • Customer analysis
  • Design research
  • User Manual
  • Adaptation to all screen sizes of the device
  • User interface prototypes
  • Interactivity and animation
  • Set up with a developer

As a visual and interactive designer, the role of the UI for each digital interface and for customers is a key element of trust in a brand.

You also find the responsibility to implement the design with a developer while this was the way in which UI tasks were normally executed. The lines are not clear today because the term Web Designer is composed of the user experience.

Although the UX does not require coding, the UI is a domain that depends on it over time, since it creates interactive interfaces.

The User Interface( UI ) In Detail:


The design of the user interface is responsible for translating the strong and visual points of a brand into a product interface to improve the user experience.

The UI design is a process of visual guidance for the user in the interface of a product through interactive elements and in all sizes/platforms.

The design of the UI is a digital domain that is responsible for collaboration and works with the developers or the code.

In analogously, the design of the user interface creates a product.  It’s the appearance, the graphics / visual representation of a product. The sensations, responsiveness, and interactivity of a product in response to a user’s input. Different viewing and adaptation environments are guidelines that guide the user through their experience.

Lastly, is one ultimately more important than the other? Something that sounds good but difficult to use is an example.

Something very useful that looks horrible is an example of a great UX and a bad interface. Both go hand in hand and it is very important that you understand the development of UI UX.


Codingzap Offers best UI UX service:


The best product is easy to use and is intuitive. Look and feel matters but the ease to use comes in the first place. Codingzap helps deliver your product with the best possible design and user experience in the right way, in the best spot and at the optimal time.

Our expertise ensures that all the workflows and the navigation are powered up to the max usability.

We have a dedicated team who not only design and do user research but also code it to match the perfect design. Codingzap has best coders who can do front-end development using technologies such as HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript.

To perform the UX / UI design Codingzap team uses Adobe XD. Also, the Adobe Illustrator come in handy when our team requires to perform illustrations for the UI design.

adobe xd UI UX design

Thanks to our experienced experts who are creative, smart and skilled. We work hard to achieve what is needed best for our clients. Get in touch with us and get the best design for your dream product.


Codingzap UI UX process-


Multiple iterations and consistent design improvements help us to achieve the best out of best. UI testing based on goals and initial research is done during the first stage. Detailed case studies to validate the assumptions. User testing and feedback loop help us to receive data and transform into design improvements.

As per your requirement, we will choose an optimal approach and methods to gather valuable information. Codingzap mostly prefers testing this in a one-on-one session, if not possible we go for remote testing.

We not only stop here though the product is completed, tested and delivered we provide extensive support. Our support helps you to get things done hassle- free. If you discover any issues with your design and would like to have improvements. Codingzap will love to power it up with an improved design our designer will love to make additional tweaks.

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