Waterfall Model

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Over the Years we have mastered the Agile Methodology for Development and Testing of a product but It doesn’t mean that we do not work on conventional Waterfall Model.

For some projects, the traditional Waterfall Model simply fits the best.

Let us know why?

Waterfall Model seems to be the best choice for the projects which has small defined scope and duration. The requirement is detailed and clear before the initiation of the Project.

Our main motive is to deliver our core values to our customers and deliver them the top quality build products. So, we work as per the Clients requirement, budget, and scope whether we are working on the Agile or Waterfall model.

We do believe in Powering your Ideas to the Reality.


Sequential Stages of Waterfall Model


We at Codingzap elaborates the Waterfall project into 5 sequential stages: Analysis, Design, Implementation, Testing, and Maintenance.


Have a vision or Idea of a product?

So, before we start working on sequential stages of your Waterfall model-based projects we require some prerequisites:

Waterfall Model BRD (Business Requirement Document).        Waterfall Model SRS (Software Requirement Specifications).

With the above-mentioned documents, our team analyzes the feasibility, risk and other important aspects. After all, we provide you the time, cost and scope estimation of the product.


Waterfall Model


If you have a Product idea and want to see it as Reality then reach us out. Our team works round the clock to make your dream come true.


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