Web Application Development Services

Codingzap is a web development company with over half a decade of domain experience. We are proud to say that we have been building  Business to Business and Business to Client application focusing on e-learning, video content delivery, Social networking, and Telecom and communication.

So far we have delivered our top-notch Web Development Services across the Globes. We have helped many startups and businesses like Vivir Telecom, AnthoBex, Agexana, StudentHike, media2africa and many more. Today, we use this experience to excel at every new Idea and change to reality with the help of our expert team.

Proposal and Idea Discussion


Our team gets in touch with you so that you can describe your idea and requirements briefly. We do an intensive research as per the Business Requirement Document (BRD) and suggests one of the best and cost-effective ways to make the application development life-cycle.

  • Study the feasibility
  • Best Technology selection
  • Resource maximization
  • Risk minimization
  • Planning future requirements
  • Cost planning

Let's Talk Business

If you have a project idea, get in touch with us. Our experts will get back to you as soon as possible.

Front-End Development

Codingzap keeps up with the latest front-end technology trends to meet the growing client demands. Not only visually appealing we also focus on minimal, fast and responsive designs to keep you ahead of your competitors.

User-friendly design and google optimized code so that you rank better in Google.

  • Precise UI  design to match mock-up wireframe
  • Consistent UX across the entire web application
  • Interactive animation and lightning fast application response
  • Optimization for best performance
front end web development

Key Technology


HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript,TypeScript


Ionic 2,3 , React Native

JavaScript Frameworks

Angular JS, React JS,

State Managers



jQuery , jQuery Animation

UI Frameworks

Bootstrap, jQuery UI, Foundation, Material Design (MUI)

backend development

Back-End development

We build the Back-End with a solid foundation to ensure robustness irrespective of the technologies. Codingzap’s engineer’s design and builds the core from scratch up to the production. We make sure it is loaded with rich feature and offers great comfort and customer satisfaction.

  • A solid foundation and architecture
  • Flexibility to ensure synchronization with front-end and 3rd party API’s.
  • Custom algorithm, logic’s and advance data structure
  • Eliminate data leakage and ensure security to user data


Java, Python, PHP, .NET, Ruby, Node


MS SQL, Oracle, Mongo DB, Sybase

Leveraged with key features we also provide Application Deployment Services.