What does SEO stand for? | SEO for beginners

Is your mind-boggling over What does SEO stand for? Are you really curious to know about SEO for beginners?


What does SEO stand for?

So, let’s begin!

Well, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. 

So, now you know what SEO actually stands for and might have heard people many things saying about SEO.

….in this post I am going to tell you exactly what does SEO stands for? and also teach you about SEO for beginners.

What does SEO stand for?


So, let’s search this query in the google: 10 ways to lose belly fats



What does SEO stands for?


So, in this search results, you can see the top 4 websites ranking for the keyword “10 ways to lose your belly fat”.

You must be curious why they are ranking? and second how they are ranking in top search results?

Well, the major reason behind is SEO(Search Engine Optimization).

We are going to talk about them how and why they are ranking little later in this post.

SEO is a strategy and a comprehensive approach towards better search appearance in Search Engine like Google, Yahoo, Bing.

Nowadays, if you want to succeed in Online business then Search Engine Optimization is a must thing for your business.

So, now the question is how SEO is done?


Boost your Traffic and Business by 200%. Is SEO really Powerful?


Yes, heard it right!

You can really increase your traffic and business if you do proper SEO on your Website.

So, let me tell you how this will happen? Well, this is not a one day process. Getting tons of traffic on your website requires lots of hard work and effort done constantly over a period of time.

As the search algorithm of Google changes gradually over a period of time we need to make changes in techniques to remain updated to latest trends of SEO.

I have increased my website traffic using techniques learned over a period of time by hit and trial, failing and experimenting.

Small business and big companies spend hundreds of thousands of Dollar on SEO. But here I will explain to you the basic strategy to do SEO on your Website.


Want to get top rank in Google. I will tell you how? | Process Simplified


Just launched your online business?

So, follow these vital steps to boost organic traffic on your website.

Website SEO is generally categorized into 2 parts

  1.  On-page SEO
  2. Off-page SEO


Let’s explore these two techniques used in the world of SEO. Well, it might be sounding little technical for newbies but don’t worry I will explain it very nicely.

As the name depicts On-page SEO is that is done to optimize the Web pages like your website Code, Content. On the other hand, Off-page SEO is a technique that deals with an external link which we refer Backlink.

Let me explain more about this then you will get a clear picture of On-page SEO.


On-page SEO | Know exactly what you need to do to boost your website traffic


So, as I explained about On-page SEO you must have some idea about it. Now let see the clear picture in details about On-page SEO.

Well, “On-page is optimizing your each pages code, content, Internal links, Meta tags in order to get higher ranking in Search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing”.



Checklist for On-Page SEO


If you have just launched your website then you must follow this checklist for On-Page SEO.

-> Is your Keyword well researched?

-> A good Title for your Post 

-> well-written Content 

-> SEO friendly URLs

-> Meta Tags optimization 

->  Internal linking 

-> Mobile-Friendly pages

-> Image and Video Optimization 

-> Image Alt tag optimization

-> Proper use of H1, H2 and H3 tags in your Post

Have you done all of these on your Website?

Yes or No!

If yes, well and good. If no let’s do it together.


Keyword Research: You must know your competition


Do you even know who are your competitors?

What keyword they rank and getting business?

If not, I will tell you how to find a suitable keyword for you by our comprehensive research.

Open this Tool in your browser: Ubersuggest


Keyword research tool


The Ubersuggest tool is a free keyword analysis tool where you can analyze your keyword and competition.

Let’s suppose you want to rank for “10 ways to lose belly fat” this keyword.


What does SEO stand for?


You need to observe 3 things:

  1. Keyword Difficulty 
  2. Search Volume 
  3. Long-Tail Keywords 

The more is the difficulties of the keyword the more difficult to rank in the search engine. Search volume is also another factor so you should always target for high search volume keywords.

Also, keep in your mind that Long-Tail keywords are easier to rank than short keywords.


on-page SEO



Title Tag of your Page: Why Content is still king?


Title Tags are being shown in the search results when user search in Google. You have to choose the Title of your post really wisely.

It must have a Focus keyword and it should be well enriched in a long-tail keyword.

Once you are done with the choosing Title Tag for your post then it comes to the content.

It has been said that “Content is the King”    and if it covers the in-depth explanation of top with all vital information then Google more likely to push in the top of the ranking. 

On average, you should write a 2000 word article for any keyword enriched with your focus keyword.

According to many SEO analysts, you should always have a sneak through your competitors content. After proper research, you should write engaging content that converts.

I will give you some example of how to write a Title Tag?

So, let’s suppose you have researched a keyword: Swimming pool 

Now you can go with a long tail keyword and yes the one which can attract your readers like:

-> 10 reasons you should go to the Swimming pool

-> How to clean up your Swimming pool?

-> 5 health benefits you get while swimming in a pool 

So, here your target keyword is Swimming Pool but you are attracting readers using an abbreviation.


Set SEO friendly URLs  | How to set URLs for your page?


“According to Brian Dean from Backlink Shorter URLs tend to rank higher in Google”

Did you hear that?

Yes, it is correct. You should always go for short and crisp URLs rather than a bigger one.

Let me give you an example so that you can understand it easily.

SEO friendly URLs

So, in the above image, you can see the URL length. It is SEO friendly rather than I could have put that


So, I would say this a bad URL. Also, you should always take care of Security on your website.

If you install the SSL certificate on your website it will encrypt the data on your website. That makes your website Secure and widely regarded in the Internet community.


Meta Tag Description and its Optimization


Meta Tags are summary for your Blog or post. Whenever a search is made on Google or Yahoo, a list of pages rank in Google.

If your Meta Tags are well defined and search centric your CTR(Click Through Rate) is likely to be gained.

Let me show you What is a Meta Tag description and how to write a proper meta tag?

So, let’s analyze a keyword: “Hybrid App Mobile Development Company”

Meta Description

So, as you can see the above image how meta tags have been defined? It clearly shows that Article is written on Hybrid Mobile App development company and its design, development.

Don’t forget to include your focus keyword in the Meta Tag description.

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Image Optimization. | Image Alt Tag Optimization


Images are one of the vital parts of an article, post, and pages. If you want to publish an engaging article then you must use the proper images, infographics in your post.

-> Always put Alt Tag in your image. So, Alt Tag is information about the image.

-> You should always optimize your image before you put it on your website.

Use this website to optimize your image. This will reduce your image size.



Image Alt Tag Optimization



Use of H2, H3 Tags in your Post. Know What does SEO actually stand for?


You must be wondering right about the H2, H3 tags?

Well, H2 and H3 tags are HTML tags that represent the heading of the topic.

Why use H2 and H3 tags in your post?

Proper use of H2 and H3 tags make your content more readable by your users as well as Google and other search engines.

Let me show you an example that how to use H2 tags in your post?


What does SEO stand for?



H2 and H3 tags draw the attention of your readers. Also, it helps you to rank on the keyword which your customers looking for.


Off-page SEO | Have you heard about backlink?


As I explained to you earlier about On-Page SEO so we will talk about Off-page SEO now.

Off-Page SEO tells search engine like Google, Yahoo, and Bing about the credibility of your website to others.

So, basically, apart from On-page SEO you put all efforts to increase your Website Traffic away from On-Page that is called Off-page SEO.

Let’s explore how many ways Off-Page SEO can be done?

As the name depicts Off-page SEO is done away from the on-site approach. We are enlisting the approach below for Off-page SEO.


  1. Backlinks | Link Building 
  2. Social Media
  3. Trust and Review 


So, let’s discuss Off-Page SEO aspects

  1. Backlinks | Link Building

First, understand the meaning of Backlink. So, Backlink is an external link or referral provided by other websites to your website.

So, the rule is simple. It is either done mutually or you need to ask the higher authority website for links.

Link building is one of the most important parts of today’s SEO. No matter how good your content is but if your competitor has better backlinks from higher authority sites than your, you can’t outrank them.

So, Link building can be done in so many ways. You can write Guest Post to other websites and they might link your article to their page. Or you can send an email requesting them to link your site.

Well, I will show you what a Backlink is?

Off-Page SEO


In the above image, you can see the Circled text “more accurate view”  is a featured text of another website hermish.com.

So, Neil Patel has linked hermish.com to his website Neilpatel.com. This is how link building works.

As soon as you get a backlink from a higher authority website, your rank will increase significantly.

2. Social Media

Social Media networking is one of the most effective ways to promote your business online. There are billions of people on Social media like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Even Search engine like Google, Yahoo consider your credibility on Social media.

Your Page is evaluated by a few terms like no of likes, engagement, and outreach to many people.


3. Trust and Review

Trust and Review are the two factors that help business growth in the market. So, try to register your business on various websites like TrustPilot, Glassdoor, Business, and others.

Your business will get a link as well as a review from your Happy customers that will help you to boost your business.


SEO for beginners. How CodingZap will help you get 200% more traffic?


SEO has been always challenging for Small business owners. Online business is growing rapidly in the 21st century so is the demand for SEO professionals.

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We help you to grow your business online by our comprehensive approach in Search Engine Optimization.


Let’s have a look at what are the challenges faced by beginners while doing SEO?


Starting Online Business from Home is pretty easy but the main task is to Scale it up

As we get many queries regarding help in SEO for small businesses we are listing some of the challenges :


  1. Setting up the Web Platform 
  2. Right Hosting Plan and System Configuration
  3. On-Page SEO
  4. Off-Page SEO
  5. Brand Advertisement and Promotion
  6. Local business Targeting
  7. Content management and marketing
  8. Site redesign 
  9. Image and Video Optimization 
  10. Reviews and Trust Building

So, these are the challenges you might have faced or must be facing if you just have started your online business.


Why not hire experts to fix them all and skyrocket your business?



SEO for beginners



Heard it right!

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Small business SEO Plans


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So, till now you might have understood what does SEO stand for?

Am I right?

I tried my level best to make you understand the concept of SEO.

If you want us to help you in starting your Online business, Contact us now.

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