Coding Challenges Conquered: Real Story of A Student Triumphs with CodingZap

A detailed case study based on a success story of our client Emily from United States conquering coding challenge though with our help.


Every year thousands of students are admitted to Programming courses in universities across the globe. Most of them lack the understanding of basic programming concepts which make their life full of intricate challenges and hurdles. 

This case study delves into the story of a student Emily who hails from Maryland, United States, who faced significant coding obstacles but emerged victorious with the aid of CodingZap.

Emily Case study codingzap

Challenges Faced by the Student:

Emily started her programming journey at a prestigious University and was passionate about web development. However, she often found herself entangled in the complexities of JavaScript. 

Her dream project, a dynamic E-commerce web application, seemed distant due to her coding struggles. Emily was a bit familiar with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript concepts but she was not able to make it responsive for mobile devices. It was her dream project and it was worth 70% of her grades so he had no option but to look for coding help online.

Why CodingZap?

As Emily was struggling with her E-commerce web development project she was looking for a reliable yet affordable coding platform where her problems could be solved. She started looking for a prominent platform that could offer her genuine help with her budget. She investigated some platforms but they were very costly and didn’t match her expectations.

After further research one of her friends recommended CodingZap and she immediately contacted us on WhatsApp to inquire. After a quick discussion with our Project manager, she was convinced enough to hire CodingZap for her project help. 

The Solution: Detailed steps on how CodingZap addressed the student's challenges.

Once Emilu hired CodingZap as her development partner for his project, we adhered to our Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) and exceeded his expectations. Here’s a step-by-step breakdown of how we assisted Emily with her final-year project:

Step 1 : Understanding the Issues

As soon as Emily decided to go with CodingZap, we assigned her a dedicated mentor Mr. Dipak for her project. CodingZap’s mentors began by understanding the specific challenges faced by Emily. Emily was not able to make the design responsive and it was a major roadblock for her.

Step 2 : Planning & 1:1 Tailored Tutoring

Emily was paired with Mr. Diipak, an experienced web development expert. Together, they dissected JavaScript challenges and started making the schedule for her tutoring and help sessions.

Step 3 : Hands on Experience & Project Implementation

Emily learned all the concepts in her tutoring sessions and carefully started implementing the responsiveness of the web page and material UI to make it better under the watchful eyes of her mentor.

Step 4 : Continuous Feedback and Project submission

After each session, the mentor provided constructive feedback, ensuring Emily understood her mistakes and learned from them. Our mentor guided her through this entire process and gave her the confidence to work on any real-time web development project. 

Results :

Emily’s passed her course with a Top grade and her web application, once a dream, became a reality. It not only functioned flawlessly but also bagged her an internship with a leading tech firm in the USA. 

Testimonial :

“I was really frustrated and on the verge of giving up on my web development project. But with Mr Dipak’s guidance and CodingZap’s resources, I not only built my application but also landed an internship. Every challenge was turned into an opportunity to learn.”

Conclusion :

Emily’s story epitomizes the transformative power of the right guidance. CodingZap, with its dedicated mentors and hands-on approach, ensures that students not only overcome coding challenges but also achieve their academic and personal aspirations. We not only help students with their programming projects but also guide them through the entire process by providing tailored tutoring sessions and multiple practical sessions. These things help them to build their career in the tech Industry.