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but before that, let’s understand about Scala Programming language.

What is Scala programming & What Are Its Features?

Designed by Martin Odersky, scala is a high-level programming language that integrates the Java virtual machine runtimes to provide a seamless programming environment. It enables the conversion of scala code into byte code that can then run on the Java Virtual Machine(JVM).

‘What is a Java Virtual Machine?’ you might want to ask.

Well, just like any other programming language has its own compiler or interpreter, the Java platform has JVM. It executes the Java bytecode which is a compiled form of your source code.

Ever wondered if Scala is an object-oriented or functional programming language? Does it even fit in one category?

Let us ponder upon it. After all, a little extra knowledge never harms anyone.

Well, to answer the question, it is a general-purpose language that effortlessly blends object-oriented programming and functional programming paradigms.

True to its name, Scala, is a Scalable programming language. It can also incorporate JavaScript runtimes and the Java programming language along with other high-level programming languages.

Overall, the Scala programming language is one of the most powerful programming languages essential for programmers and computer science students.

If you are aspiring to be a scala programmer or exploring the scala programming language to upgrade your skills, you should definitely be familiar with what scala has to offer.

Let us take a look at the key features of Scala!

What are the features of scala programming?

Now, it is time to get acquainted with the key features of the Scala programming language. As a high-level programming language, scala has a lot to offer students and budding programmers.

Let us study the scala features to understand the language in a better way.

  • Scala is Versatile

As a multi-paradigm programming language, scala, not only offers a single kind of programming approach but gives us the benefit of fusing object-oriented programming language with a functional programming approach.

Scala supports the core features of the functional programming paradigm like higher-order functions and immutable data. Let us get to know about these features below –

  • Higher order functions – functions can accept other functions as parameters and can also return functions as results. For example – map(), filter(), reduce(), etc.

  • Immutable data – scala’s data structures are immutable (cannot be modified after creation unless explicitly marked mutable) by default. This aids in avoiding concurrent access issues and unexpected side effects.

Not only does it support functional programming language techniques, scala, also adds in the object-oriented language approaches like – classes and objects, inheritance, encapsulation, pattern matching, etc.

This makes the language versatile and enhances its flexibility.

  • Scala is Reliable

Another feature of the many Scala programming features is that it is highly reliable.

Because of its static-type features, Scala can be used in high-performance applications as it significantly reduces bugs and helps to catch errors easily.

Since type checking occurs before runtime, we do not have to spend hours getting stuck at debugging type errors. It is extremely useful when you are working on a long program or a complex project.

In addition to its expressive features, scala programming also has an active developer community. You can network, talk to other fellow Scala programmers, and also contribute to the community to gain more knowledge about the language.

  • Scala is Interoperable

The Scala programming language is compatible with Java. It is designed to run on Java virtual machine (JVM) and therefore, scala code can easily be converted into Java byte code for execution on JVM.

Moreover, the language allows the use of extensive Java libraries and APIs, which makes the job of Scala programmers easier and enables them to tap into the world of a vast digital ecosystem.

Furthermore, Scala can also be incorporated with Java frameworks like Hibernate and Spring. This can help programmers to adopt Scala in their Java projects as well.

Hence, scala programming language provides interoperability with Java making it fit for a wide range of applications.

  • Scala is concise

Using Scala as a programming language enables developers to deliver clean and clear code. Scala helps in enhancing the quality of code and makes it simple for the programmers to convey the desired functionality of the project they are working on.

The Scala programming language provides conciseness by using various concepts and features. Some of them are listed below –

  • Static types

  • Higher-order functions

  • Object-oriented concepts

  • Pattern matching

  • Immutable data

Due to its ability to deliver concise code, scala is one of the popular programming languages among programmers. Overall, we can say that Scala is an efficient programming language.

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