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HTML CSS Homework

So, are you looking for HTML Homework help? 

At CodingZap, we meet all the technicalities of CSS and offer the best HTML CSS Assignment Help at reasonable rates.

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Due to continuous improvements in web technology HTML has advanced to Version 5.1.  The extensive introduction of various new tags, elements, and API’s web technology has advanced and it gives us the power to do more than it could be done.

Best Feature includes the <canvas>, <figure>, <audio>, <video>, and much more.

Anyways to be a pro in web development you need to know two more things along with HTML that is CSS and JavaScript.  If you are done with the basics then also getting your desired look and feel of the web page might be not so easy.

So, here we are CodingZap we have some of the fine experts who have experienced coding skills and have been in the web industry/ development for more than 10 years.


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What is HTML Programming? Why students should learn HTML?


HTML is the short abbreviation for Hypertext Markup Language. This language is an accumulation of symbols and codes.

HTML is crucial in web page construction and includes a snippet of codes that are used to make a web application. CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) and Java Scripts are the two aspects that need HTML style to enhance the webpage performance.

HTML is a markup language that is generally used to create web pages and is widely preferred by businesses. Most organizations used HTML to create a stupendous and appealing website for their business.

HTML is an accumulation of code where a programmer is required to write structured documents for text. Such text includes lists, headings, quotes, links, videos, paragraphs, images, tables, and other items.

The interesting fact is that such a code is embedded in plain text and thus makes it more compelling. With the help of HTML language, it is possible to insert videos, text, audio, images, and different other media elements. 

In addition it, HTML is used to build dynamic and static sites. Due to its rich media elements, the web page of the site becomes appealing and vibrant. The powerful programming language of HTML is often used in browsers in a bid to format pages.

CodingZap is one of the most trusted and reliable HTML assignment help service providers in the market with 900+ programmers. Our in-house team of expert programmers will meet all your academic HTML needs with utmost sincerity and quality.


HTML CSS Programming: Types


CSS is not a complex language because it has lightweight code and uses languages like HTML and XHTML. The usage of such languages enhances the visual representation of web pages.

Add to it, CSS has crucial attributes like layouts, colors, and page separation facility that boosts web page accessibility and flexibility. Also, CSS sheets are reusable, predictable, scalable, and can be maintained.

Here are the different types of HTML CSS programming types that you can use for your assignments:

  • CSS Syntax

CSS has a convention that comprises a declaration block and a selector. While the selector focuses on the HTML element that is to be styled, the declaration block has numerous declarations. 

These declarations are separated by semicolons, while the value and property names in the declaration are separated by a colon. Add to it, these declarations are embedded in curly braces.

  • Embedded CSS

Embedded Style Sheets enable you to define styles for the entire HTML document. 

Programmers use the <style> element to embed style sheet information into an HTML document. The CSS syntax for embedded style sheets is similar to other CSS codes.

  • CSS Transforms

CSS sustains 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional transformations that enable programmers to utilize techniques like rotate X, rotate Y, and rotate Z. Transformation in CSS relies on a set of properties that can be used to integrate linear transformations for particular HTML elements.

A few of the transformations which CSS can do are rotation, skewing, scaling, translation, etc.

  • External CSS

Such style sheets are separate text files that use .css for an extension. 


How do we do HTML Assignment Help?


We combine HTML, CSS, and JS to get the perfect result. You might be knowing one of the technology but knowing all of them make you a broad thinker that helps you to get the task quickly and easy-going.

Knowing what you know doesn’t makes you smart until you face real coding challenges.  A number of easy things can sum up to be a big mess.

Below are a few questions that you might be facing will dig into a more practical-oriented aspect of HTML and CSS.

  • How to position an image inside a div?
  • ways to include JavaScript inside HTML?
  • How to horizontally center a <div> in another <div>?
  • How to make div content/ div element responsive?
  •  Converting a div into a button?
  • CSS for making div into circle or box?
  • How to make a div center align in HTML?
  • making div element hidden?

The list can go on.

Moving further Hypertext Markup language can be used with JavaScript to make some powerful stuff. For example a single-page application like a converter, music player, Calculator, and much more.

Doing some advanced things complex games can be easily developed with keen knowledge. Thus, it’s very frequent that HTML projects and HTML assignments could be difficult and complex to develop.

We are quick in HTML coding and developing HTML projects or doing HTML assignments for you.

“Cracking Assignment and Reaching deadline- Part of our Culture”

I will make you walk through a good HTML coding example.

Below is an example to convert a rectangular image or a square image into a circular one.

1) We can do this by using HTML, CSS

2) This can be achieved with the help of HTML(Canvas) and JavaScript. (next post)

Using HTML, CSS Get HTML Homework completed.


First Approach:

Starting to write the code we include the basic code structure what we called the HTML boilerplate

Step 1 

					<!DOCTYPE html> 
<title>Title of the document</title> 
<body> Content of the document...... <script>class RocketElementorAnimation{constructor(){this.deviceMode=document.createElement("span"),"elementor-device-mode",this.deviceMode.setAttribute("class","elementor-screen-only"),document.body.appendChild(this.deviceMode)}_detectAnimations(){let t=getComputedStyle(this.deviceMode,":after").content.replace(/"/g,"");this.animationSettingKeys=this._listAnimationSettingsKeys(t),document.querySelectorAll(".elementor-invisible[data-settings]").forEach(t=>{const e=t.getBoundingClientRect();if(e.bottom>=0&&<=window.innerHeight)try{this._animateElement(t)}catch(t){}})}_animateElement(t){const e=JSON.parse(t.dataset.settings),i=e._animation_delay||e.animation_delay||0,n=e[this.animationSettingKeys.find(t=>e[t])];if("none"===n)return void t.classList.remove("elementor-invisible");t.classList.remove(n),this.currentAnimation&&t.classList.remove(this.currentAnimation),this.currentAnimation=n;let s=setTimeout(()=>{t.classList.remove("elementor-invisible"),t.classList.add("animated",n),this._removeAnimationSettings(t,e)},i);window.addEventListener("rocket-startLoading",function(){clearTimeout(s)})}_listAnimationSettingsKeys(t="mobile"){const e=[""];switch(t){case"mobile":e.unshift("_mobile");case"tablet":e.unshift("_tablet");case"desktop":e.unshift("_desktop")}const i=[];return["animation","_animation"].forEach(t=>{e.forEach(e=>{i.push(t+e)})}),i}_removeAnimationSettings(t,e){this._listAnimationSettingsKeys().forEach(t=>delete e[t]),t.dataset.settings=JSON.stringify(e)}static run(){const t=new RocketElementorAnimation;requestAnimationFrame(t._detectAnimations.bind(t))}}document.addEventListener("DOMContentLoaded",;</script></body> 
</html>console.log( 'Code is Poetry' );

Step 2: Include images to be converted inside the body tag.



<img decoding="async" src="data:image/svg+xml,%3Csvg%20xmlns=''%20viewBox='0%200%200%200'%3E%3C/svg%3E" data-lazy-src=""/><noscript><img decoding="async" src=""/></noscript> 


Use the img tag and the src attribute to define the source path of the image.

After including the image you can view the output in a browser.

We gonna call it the initial image without any manipulation. You can also learn “How to use image tags in HTML” here 

Step 3: Give an ID to div and Image tags so that we can use these to give CSS properties.

<div id="contain"> 
<img decoding="async" id="image1" src="data:image/svg+xml,%3Csvg%20xmlns=''%20viewBox='0%200%200%200'%3E%3C/svg%3E" data-lazy-src=""/><noscript><img decoding="async" id="image1" src=""/></noscript> 
</body>console.log( 'Code is Poetry' );

Step 4: Defining CSS property to make the image look circular.

We can do this easily by including border-radius property in the image.

					<!DOCTYPE html>


<div id="contain"> 
<img decoding="async" id="image1" src="data:image/svg+xml,%3Csvg%20xmlns=''%20viewBox='0%200%200%200'%3E%3C/svg%3E" data-lazy-src=""/><noscript><img decoding="async" id="image1" src=""/></noscript> 

</html>console.log( 'Code is Poetry' );
CSS Help

It did not work as you expected right?  As you can see that the image turned into an oval shape. I did this mistake deliberately to make you understand things. The reason for the image being oval not circular is the shape of the image itself which is rectangular.

These are areas where you could get stuck while completing your HTML project, and HTML assignments. Get in touch with us and let us do your HTML assignment/homework and HTML projects.

That’s where we need to think differently and here experience matters.

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HTML CSS Homework Help

CSS is an arrangement of documents that use markup languages such as HTML. HTML and CSS assignments help experts provide superior and splendid solutions that are based on both CSS and HTML.

At CodingZap, our team of skilled programmers provides HTML and CSS Homework help for the following areas:

Position page elements-

Students require an extensive range of elements while designing web applications for their HTML homework tasks. It is necessary to position the page elements precisely so that the page works smoothly. 

Often students find it complicated and stressful to understand the HTML tags and the page elements. If you feel burdened with the assignments and struggle to complete them, it is best to hire us. Our HTML CSS Assignment Help services will meet all your expectations.

HTML for eMail services-

HTML-based applications support developers to make email newsletters that users can read on laptops, phones, desktops, etc. It also monitors the number of receipts that have opened the email.

Software developers, who create web pages, use HTML that supports different browsers. If you lack the skills to develop an HTML email application, our programmers will help you write the code.

Develop frames:

Generally, students find it daunting to create frame assignments since they must be detailed and comprehensive.

Writing proper code often consumes a lot of time and is often challenging. If you worry about your grades, avail the services of our HTML CSS Homework help professionals who have expertise in helping college students across the globe. We assure you brilliant grades and smooth academic life.

Create links-

Links play a vital role in a website, navigating users from one web page to a different web page.

Often developers make mistakes in creating and tagging the links, hence, it is advised to get HTML CSS Homework help. Our programmers will ensure that you create HTML link assignments without any errors.

Usage of the right colors-

Using perfect colors for a website is very important since it attracts viewers in large numbers. Using the right colors compels users to read the message your website wants to convey. 

The right colors with HTML can be a daunting task and require consistent practice and expertise. However, if you lack the time to submit your assignment, seek the help of our HTML and CSS Assignment experts.

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