how to use image tag in html

How to Use Image Tag in HTML?

Do you know how to use image tag in HTML? Have you ever thought about the process to add an image tag in HTML? If you’re curious to know how to do this and looking for HTML homework help then this article is for you..

But before we start to know the image tag of HTML, let’s think about why images are so important to our daily life.

Images are a crucial part of our daily life. We can add images to every aspect of our life. Using images we can able to identify any particular thing. Also, food images boost the business of the owners of restaurants. So, adding images to any certain thing will trigger the attention of the audience. So, it is now clear to us that images are very important.

But what is the need to add images to any HTML file? Well, let’s think about a scenario.

Nowadays, the internet is another medium to connect with a huge number of audiences in a small time. That is why businessmen are trying to develop a catching website for certain audiences.

Suppose, you are a web page developer. You are developing the webpage of a restaurant. Now, after developing the webpage there is a need to paste the images. The images may be of the restaurants, maybe related to the Menu of the restaurants or anything else. Adding images to the webpage is necessary. As it is related to the restaurant business, good food images will attract audiences. You are bound to add an image to it.

Now, think of another scenario.

You want to make a personal blog. As a job seeker, you need to develop a normal webpage. The webpage is mostly like a resume of a candidate. Now, every good resume has a picture of the candidate. Now, if you can’t able to put a personal image there, how will you develop a nice webpage?

What will you do in such cases?

Well, there is only one method available that can help you out in such scenarios. If you didn’t know the method you can be in trouble.

But, wait, is there any method available to overcome such situations? Yes! There is.


What Is Image Tag in HTML? Know More


Image tag in HTML is the way to remove such scenarios which we told above. In HTML, there are many types of tags are present. These tags are like the indication to the HTML page that you are going to deal with such things. Using image tags, we can directly add images to certain web pages.

Image tag in HTML is a very useful thing. And it has a simple syntax. This syntax can be easily memorized.

General Syntax: <img src=”” alt=”” width=”” height=””>

Here, in the image tag in HTML, there are four most important attributes present. Now, you can ask what is an attribute.

The attribute is those filters used for any particular tags in HTML. It is like the parameter of any tag. Based on the attributes, the tags can modify themselves to the choice of the developer.

So, an image tag in HTML has four attributes. They are Src Attribute, Alt Attribute, Width Attribute & Height Attribute. Among these, three are optional attributes. But it is necessary to know about them. As they are so important. It will help to do modifications to the images as per the developer’s choice. They might be optional but they are very useful.

Now, let’s know about each tag one by one.

  1. Src Attribute: This attribute is used to insert the image into the webpage. Developers need to provide the link to the image there. And it will directly put it into the webpage. If a developer wants, they can upload an image from their machine also. But in such cases, the image will be available only to that machine. If the developer needs to make it available throughout the globe, it should be uploaded the image to any web server. Also, the webpage needs to upload to the same web server.
  2. Alt Attribute (Optional): It is an optional attribute. The developers may use it or may not use it. It depends upon the developer’s choice whether they would use it or not. But it is advisable to use it. As, if any reason the webpage doesn’t reload to the user machine, this attribute helps in such cases. It will indicate the name of the image. Alt tag provides a developer-provided name. so, it helps to identify the image on the webpage.
  3. Width Attribute (Optional): This is also an optional attribute. It depends upon the mind of the developer whether they should use it or not. Using this attribute will help them to resize the image on the given webpage. Sometimes the images are large. Adding those large-size images will hamper the webpage design which is why it is needed to resize them.
  4. Length Attribute (Optional): This is also an optional attribute. It depends upon the mind of the developer whether they should use it or not. Developers use it when they need to resize the image from the length of the image. It can increase or decrease the length of any given image. As per the developer’s choice they can provide any size to the image.

Also, along with these, there are many other attributes are present. Like, loading, longdesc, sizes, srcset, etc. They are not useful at all. There is no need to know about these attributes. There are very rare cases where these attributes need to use in a webpage.


How To Use Image Tag in HTML? Read Below


how to use image tag in html

Like earlier days, we don’t need to download the images from the website. In earlier days, we need to first download it to the machine. Then we have to insert them into the webpage. But there was a problem that without uploading the image to the web server, it will not be used. So, there was a problem with the images.

But now, we have to just provide the link of the image to the HTML page. It will directly insert the image there. Also, if you’re curious to know about website preloader then you can check out our article on “Loading Screen HTML: How To Design A Website Preloader?

Here first we need to write the basic HTML page requirements. We need to start writing the code by opening HTML tags. We have written a line in the H1 tag. Then we need to write the image tag there. Here, we have provided an image link there. As well as we are providing some values to the Width & Length attributes. Also, we have given a name to the image using the Alt attribute.


<!DOCTYPE html>


<!-- Writing A Line -->

<h1>CodingZap logo</h1>

<!-- Adding Image Tag With Src, Width, Height & Alt Attributes -->

              <img src= width="320" height="400" alt="">


Let’s look at the output of the above code. Hence, we come to know how to use image tag in HTML.


image tag in html


As we saw using image tags in HTML is very important.

It is a great feature of HTML files. It helps to make the webpage more attractive to the audience.

HTML needs to be practiced well. As there are many ways to edit a webpage using the image. As editing can be done as per the choice of the developers. It is a nice field to practice more.

So, hope you have liked this piece of article. Share your thoughts in the comments section and let us know if we can improve more.

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