Coding Bootcamp Vs Computer Science Degree

Coding Bootcamp Vs Computer Science Degree

After graduating from high school, students find themselves immersed in a sea of possibilities. Numerous paths can lead to success, but what if your heart is set on pursuing a career in Computer Science? You might be wondering about the difference between a “Coding Bootcamp Vs Computer Science Degree

Would you need to choose Coding Bootcamp or a professional Computer Science Degree? On the one hand, you are going to be ready for a job within a few months & on another hand you will experience the world of college life.

In this article, we will discuss everything related to Coding Bootcamp & Computer Science Degrees. Whether a fast-completing thing will fulfill all your requirements or the traditional four-year college will meet your requirements, we will all discuss here.

Coding Bootcamp Vs. Computer Science Degree: A Field Of Conflict:

We will point out some important differences present between a coding bootcamp and a computer science degree. Let us look at them one by one briefly.

#1 Enrollment Process:

It is the main difference between a coding bootcamp vs computer science degree. It seems a tedious task for a group of students to grab a seat in a repetitive college.

The enrollment process in Coding Bootcamps is relatively easier than getting enrolled for the computer science degree. During the enrollment process in Coding BootCamp, nobody asks for your previous marks or School Leaving Certificates, etc. This means, there are not many formalities present.

But in the case of a Computer Science Degree, one needs to submit a previous mark sheet along with the score of the entrance exam. Also, there is a need to submit different kinds of other documents in order to secure the seat.

#2 Budget Of Programs:

While discussing the difference between a coding bootcamp vs computer science degree, if we do not discuss the difference in budget for both of them, will be a grave injustice to the entire student community.

In the case of Coding Bootcamps, the budget or cost is shallow as it runs only for a few months and has no involvement in college accessories. From a survey, it came to our concern that a coding bootcamp only takes USD $15,000 to complete the entire session.

On the other hand for a Computer Science Degree, one needs to pay twice or thrice as much as for tuition fees in the college. If you manage to enroll in a cheaper college, then also you have to pay USD $ 20,000 in a year. And it goes for four years as per computer science degree.

#3 Flexibility Of Program:

Nobody wants to do any kind of job at a stretch. They also need flexibility in their work environment. The same goes for coding bootcamp vs computer science degree also.

In the case of Coding Bootcamps, you will get complete flexibility in your study. If you want you can study at midnight or early in the morning. Also, the rest of the time you can be involved in any freelancing job that might suit you. Hence, you can start earning early time & enjoy the tech industry.

On the other hand in a Computer Science Degree, you will not get any kind of flexibility. You have to attend your college from time to time & keep attendance well in amount. Involving in any freelancing job will be daydreaming for you, you might not be able to spend quality time with your friends.

#4 Length Of Program:

While discussing the differences, we have to know the duration of the programs in both a coding bootcamp vs computer science degree.

In the case of the Coding Bootcamp, the length of the program is relatively short. In many cases, a coding bootcamp takes a few weeks to provide basic knowledge of any programming language. And if you contribute a few months, you will know basic to advanced information about any programming languages.

On the other hand for a Computer Science Degree, one needs to pay full four years as a student in that university or college. Not only that, attending every day is a must in your college or university. Otherwise, your attendance might get lower which will impact you while preparing for the exam.

#5 Format Of Course:

You should be aware of the format of the course that you might have in any Coding Bootcamp & while pursuing the Computer Science Programs.

In the case of attending any Coding Bootcamp, you might come across different kinds of formats. You can choose any kind of format like an Online Course, Offline or In-Person Course & even a Hybrid mode. As per your ability to study, the formats are available there.

However, college students who pursuing a CS Degree don’t have the freedom to choose the format. Most Government and education sectors only allow Offline or In-Person mode education. If you are suitable with that, you might move to get the CS Degree from any college.

#6 Ability Of Program:

You might be having doubts about the ability of the programs offered by Coding Bootcamp vs Computer Science Degree, then this point is only for you.

In the case of Coding Bootcamp, you will come across different coding skills most days. And within a few weeks, you will be able to work on different projects by using the coding skills. The Coding Bootcamp is not everyone’s cup of tea. You have to be skilled enough to grasp knowledge quickly.

And with a Computer Science Degree, you will get a lot more time to grasp knowledge on a certain topic. Because you will learn a topic for six months during one semester which is a relatively a quite long time.

#7 Curriculum Of Program:

The curriculum of Coding Bootcamp and College graduates is divergent in nature. You should know them, before making any decision.

In the case of a Coding Bootcamp, the curriculum is based on the necessary elements. It is based on the required programming languages along with some basic theoretical knowledge. The Coding Bootcamp graduates have a good knowledge of the tech industry in their curriculum.

But in the case of Computer Science Degree Programs, you will get all the knowledge those are aligned with the Computer Science Course. You will learn about Operating Systems, Computer Networking & many more. Also, some general knowledge you will get during the first year in university.

#8 Quality Of Faculty:

As a student, there will be an obvious doubt present regarding the quality of faculties you will get in both cases. Here, we will clear all your doubts regarding the same.

In the case of any Coding Bootcamps, the presence of excellent faculty is inevitable. Different experts from several institutions came to join such organizations due to a handsome salary structure. So, there will be no doubt that you will come across a set of jewel faculty teachers during your tenure.

But in the case of Computer Science Degree programs at University, you might face difficulties from your faculties mostly in the final year. In most cases, the professors harass a student in their final year regarding the submission of projects & many other ways.

#9 Presence Of Resources:

The resources are the main thing that supports any student more than the faculty during their study time. So, we have to know the resource differences in both of the cases.

For Coding Bootcamp, the presence of resources will be unlimited. You will get particular study material from the institutes that will be in the current edition. But one thing you should remember, most coding bootcamps provide virtual books as study material.

But in the case of a University Degree Program, you will not get a good amount of books as your study material. You have to select a book from the library of the institution or buy it on your own. Also, in most cases, the books present in the library as old editions that are not really good for study.

#10 Networking Opportunities:

You might be aware that achieving any great things can’t be accomplished on your own, you have to take the help of others. In such cases, Networking helps a lot more in student’s life.

In the case of Coding Bootcamps, the chance of Networking is a bit less. Networking with good people & students needs to be done using Social media & the Job Portals. Networking in such a manner will not help you more to grow up & solve your doubts.

On the other hand, in the case of a University Degree, you will get a chance to interact with the individuals personally. You can choose your friends & whom you have to spend most of your time with. You can get help from your friends in any traditional four-year college degree program.

#11 Recognition Of Market:

After getting the ideas, related to the study field of both cases, it is time to understand which field is going to be recognized by the market easily.

In the case of the Coding Bootcamps, the recognition ratio is still lower than the traditional four-year college graduates. Many MNCs & other organizations don’t rely upon the Bootcamp certificates in a wider vision.

In the case of the College Degree’s Market value, it is still holding the first position. Many organizations ask for original College Leaving Certificates along with the Character Certificate before joining. That is the reason, many students choose a college degree.

#12 Job Opportunities:

We will consider the Job Opportunities are the key element that will help in selecting the best path between Coding Bootcamp and Degree Programs.

For Coding Bootcamp, you will directly land a job after completing Computer Science courses. As coding bootcamp graduates, most of the students get chances in the Startup companies. Because whatever projects you have done during the course attracts Startups most rather than MNCs.

On the other hand in Computer Science Degree Programs, the HR executives of different MNCs get attracted because you have a degree certificate with you. And you will get a chance to contribute as a Software engineer or Software Developer in any MNC company.

#13 Earning Capability:

At last, the Coding Bootcamp and Computer Science degree debate is going to finish by enlightening the potential earning capability.

In any Coding Bootcamps, you will have the upper hand in order to get a high salary. As coding bootcamp graduates, you will be directly involved in a Startup company. The Startup companies provide relatively much higher salaries than the Tech Companies, but the job security is less as Bootcamp grads.

On the other hand for a Computer Science Degree, the salary will not be an attractive one during the starting period. With the CS Degree, you need to prove yourself in the company in order to get increments & appraisals. But job security is much better in Tech Companies than the Startups.


What Are The Scenarios To Go For Coding Bootcamps?

Before we move to discuss the differences between a coding bootcamp and vs computer science degree, we need to first understand what general scenarios present that push one student towards attending any coding bootcamps.

Scenarios to select bootcamps

Scenario 1: During Career Switch:

Most of the time a student needs to visit any coding bootcamps due to their career switch decision. In most cases, a student already has a college graduate degree in any of the subjects, but still, the coding bootcamp is necessary because they want to explore the world of computer science.

Suppose, a student has to get a college graduate degree in Electrical Engineering. Now, he wants to pursue a career in software engineering. In that case, being a coding bootcamp graduate can only save his dream.

Scenario 2: Get Real Experience:

Sometimes, a bizarre situation can be witnessed. A student who has a computer science degree moves to attend any kind of good coding bootcamps. Because computer science graduates get their real experience of work from such coding bootcamps only, not while pursuing a college degree. In the midst of those bootcamps, you may encounter challenges or moments of uncertainty, and when that happens, you have the option to enlist the assistance of a computer science expert to help clarify your queries.

In all computer science degrees, students have to learn a lot of theoretical knowledge that they don’t need to implement while working for any organization. But in the coding bootcamps, all the necessary information is given with proper priority.

Scenario 3: Dire Need Of Urgent Job:

Another good reason why students often move to attend coding bootcamps is the need for jobs. Sometimes, a student feels a great need for any kind of software engineering job in order to balance their family need. And a student knows, that only the software engineering domain can able to serve that.

Suppose, a student has a college degree in Mechanical Engineering. But the stream is not going well at the time of his pass out. He is not getting any good job market from his domain. So, he tries to get a coding BootCamp certificate that would help to push his ability.

What Are The Scenarios To Go For Computer Science Degrees?

Now, after discussing the scenarios for going to coding bootcamps, it is time to know the necessities of joining a computer science degree program & get a bachelor’s degree. Then it will be easy for us to understand the difference between a coding bootcamp vs computer science degree.

What are the scenarios to select CS degree

Scenario 1: Get College Experience:

If you want to taste the flavor of college campus life, then pursuing a computer science degree will be the right choice for you. The college campus is the real-life teacher of every student. Whatever you will learn from your college campus apart from your curriculum will help you much in your job.

The most important thing is to get familiar with the social life of the outer world. The same social life you have to face in your work environment. So, getting enrolled for any college degree is necessary for such a kind of student. While doing computer assignments in college, you might face difficulties in doing your homework then you can hire Codingzap’s experts to solve all your problems

Scenario 2: Valuable Bachelor’s Degree:

If you are a student who has a traditional concept that having a bachelor’s degree will brace your resume or CV for attracting any certain job towards you, then you should go for the computer science degree rather than attending coding bootcamps.

Sometimes, a student belongs to a family that has such a kind of mindset to have a bachelor’s degree. So, it is not a mindset of a student rather than a family pressure. But one thing you should keep in mind is that all IT professionals don’t have a bachelor’s degree under their belt.

Scenario 3: Want To Know Basics:

If you are an individual who wants to know everything from its base, then getting a computer science degree as your bachelor’s degree will be preferable for you. In your bachelor’s degree, you will come across a lot of theoretical knowledge that might not be as valuable as practical skills.

As computer science students, in your curriculum, you will come across some kind of subject that has zero value in your workplace. But as you are going to enjoy those things, attending college for a computer science degree will be better than coding bootcamps.


What To Choose Over Coding Bootcamp Vs Computer Science Degree?

Now, if you are confused about choosing between the Coding Bootcamp and Computer Science Degree to become a software developer or web developer, this particular section will help to do that. We know you are impressed with the positive features of both categories.

Now, the question is Who has said that nobody can enroll in both formats?

If you are really confused, then we advise you to enroll in one college as per your choice to get a Tech Career. Along with that, you can also enroll for any Coding Bootcamps present on the internet as per your choice.

In this way, you can grab knowledge from both the fields. And the knowledge that seems attractive to you go for that.


As we saw the difference between Coding Bootcamps vs Computer Science traditional degree courses.

Both the sections have some positivity & negativity. Depending upon your learning style, you should move to a particular section to get a good career in Web Development or Software Development. We also have a blog where we have mentioned an ultimate guide for coding languages to clear your concepts and to make your vision clear.

We advise you to concentrate on your study in whatever section you choose to move ahead. Without proper dedication, you will not achieve success in your career either in four years of a degree or a few months in Coding Bootcamps.

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