Top 28 Python Project Ideas For Beginners

Beginners Project In Python Language

Engaging in the development process of intriguing “Python projects projects ideas for beginners” will help to enhance your theoretical knowledge as well. In this article, we are going to discuss a set of simple Python projects ideas for beginners to brace their skills in the Python programming language. It’s Important to prioritize diverse project creation concepts. Fortunately, Python language follows perfectly this notion.

So, let us start our discussion.

Special Note Before Going For Discussion On Python Project Ideas:

Beginners Project In Python Language

Development of Python project ideas doesn’t depend upon how much you have advanced knowledge in that domain. Or it doesn’t depend upon the practices you have done for the development of easy Python projects.

The real essential thing is to clear the basic concept of any Python topic. We advise you to go for certain online courses to brace your skills before moving to build Python projects for beginners. Or, you can always contact CodingZap experts if you’re facing any difficulties with Python assignments or projects.

Because, after starting any project if you find any knowledge gap, you will not get enthusiasm to complete that project. So, project-based learning is essential for Python projects.

Hire us as your development partner for your Python  Projects and Assignments.

What Are Some All-Time Interesting Python Projects?

In this section, we are going to define some easy-to-advanced Python project ideas curated only for beginners. Some of the Python project ideas can be deployed using the Data Science topic or with the Machine Learning model.

Let us know all of the Python project ideas one by one briefly.


  • Python Project 1: Mad Libs Generator

Project Difficulty Level: Basic Level


It is the first Python project that can be categorized under the easy or basic section. Such Python projects will deal with the Strings and Variables. The goal is to define a complete story from the strings that have been provided along with the number.

In this Python project idea, the Python code will take the string as the user input. And those random string values will be shuffled and a total story will be drafted. Such Python Projects can be classified as Data Science projects.

Getting excited to know such fun Python projects? Move ahead and start development from now on.


  • Python Project 2: Binary Search To Find Number

Project Difficulty Level: Basic Level


Binary Search To Find Number

Such Python projects developed on the concept of Binary Search Algorithm. One set of numbers will be provided in the number in a particular range. One other number will be taken as the user input to the Python code.

Now, the Python code will move to check the existence of the number in the set. For that purpose, the set will be divided into two halves. The number is present in one half, the remaining half will be removed. In this way, the complete project is executed.

You can develop such Python projects using Data Science and Web Development. It is not that much difficult.


  • Python Project 3: Jackpot Game

Project Difficulty Level: Basic Level


You might know about the Jackpot games that are present in the Casino-like organization. Build such Python projects that will work as the Jackpot game. You have just generated there or more numbers simultaneously & randomly.

After pressing a simple key, the numbers will start generating. And if two & more numbers are the same, then some points the users will earn. And if they are not the same, no points will be generated. Here, the user input is pressing a triggered key.

Sounds exciting right? So, deploy such Python projects now to get self-confidence. Such Python projects can be good examples of Data Science and Machine Learning project development.


  • Python Project 4: Railway Reservation System

Project Difficulty Level: Basic Level


This project can be classified as one of the fun Python project ideas that we are discussing now. You should use dedicated apps to avail of any kind of train service. The same kind of project you can develop by using Python skills.

In the source code, you have to first provide the source station & destination station to get the tickets. Also, the ticket price should be mentioned in the source code. You have to use a set of different functions and packages for Building projects with such features.


  • Python Project 5: Digital Contact Book:

Project Difficulty Level: Basic Level


It is one of the most interesting & cool Python projects that can be developed without having any major issues. You all should be aware that there was a time when individuals used to note someone’s address & contact numbers on a diary not on any mobile.

You can develop such a project using Data Science & Machine Learning techniques. Just make spaces for the address & name of the individual in the source code. Also, you might create a space for keeping the contact numbers of others. This can be done in Web Development format also.

Are you getting interested in building Python projects? Start from this very moment…


  • Python Project 6: Hangman Game

Project Difficulty Level: Basic Level


Hangman game implementation can be a great Python Project. Here, the game is about word guessing not number guessing. The users need to guess the word using a few hints. The letters of the words will be available there. And using those hints, one needs to guess the word.

For guessing the word, one will get a few changes. If the user is able to guess the word, a point will be scored. Else, the game will be over. Such a program can be developed using the Web Development process along with some random function for GUI implementation.


  • Python Project 7: Rock, Paper, Scissor Game

Project Difficulty Level: Basic Level


It is another important & enjoyable game that one can implement using Python codes. In most cases, the game is being played between two or more individuals. But such games can also be played using programming. There are two ways to implement the program.

In the first case, the web development output window will show a three-second gap. After that, among those three choices, one will be visible. Either, use the GUI to represent the choice or write down the word as the output. Now, go play with the computer infinite times until you get bored of it.

Excited to play such a game with your computer! Develop your personal game now!


  • Python Project 8: Food Ordering System

Project Difficulty Level: Basic Level


Food Ordering System Project


You are all aware of the Food Delivering & Ordering system. Most of the time, the project can be implemented using the application development process. But in this case, the project will be developed with the help of the Web Development process.

Design a webpage, where users can choose a specific restaurant for booking their meal. The menu & prices should be visible there. Now, users can opt for the COD facility or the online payment system feature. Both things should be implemented along with a good server system.

For the implementation of such a project, knowledge of other fields is also necessary along with Python.


  • Python Project 9: Email Generator

Project Difficulty Level: Basic Level


It is one of the most innovative projects that we can develop as our university project. Using the Web Development process, such a project should be developed. The initial idea of this project is to provide an email subject to the system & the system will write down a pretty good email for users.

In this Python Project, the use of the File Dialog Module is necessary. Also, you should have a basic idea of Machine Learning to implement such a project in Python. Also, you have to note that similar kinds of subjects will get similar types of responses from the system.

Now, kick out the tension to write a good email with the subject to your principal asking for a leave!


  • Python Project 10: Story Generator

Project Difficulty Level: Basic Level


The project is quite similar to the Email Generator project. But, here the project aims to write down a random store on a specific guideline. The users need to provide the inputs to the system & based upon that input the system will write down a story for the user.

The story might be a random story, also occasionally it can be a story copied from the internet. Lastly, it is a fun project that uses Python concepts to write down a story, it does not use human intelligence. You can go for such a project in your university semester as it is considered as the basic one.

Why think more about the Python Coding Project idea? Start implementing this one!


  • Python Project 11: Digital Calculator

Project Difficulty Level: Intermediate Level


The Digital Calculator is one of the very common & easy Python Projects that can be developed by beginners. Here, the implementation of some functions is important to do the mathematical operations. The functions will be for Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication & many more.

Also, you can include some of the random modules in Python to do more mathematical operations like square & square root. For a good look, you can implement an interactive interface that will resemble an original calculator.

Are you getting interested in building Python projects? Start from this very moment…


  • Python Project 12: Countdown Timer:

Project Difficulty Level: Intermediate Level


It is one of the most important Python projects that can be used for personal reasons. Here, an application needs to be developed for daily use. Or we can use the Web Development process to get the website version of this Python Project.

The goal of this project is to count the time in the range. The users need to provide a time limit in the application & the app will count the time using the millisecond & second chunks of time. Moreover, it looks like a stopwatch application.

After the time reaches the point, it will ping up with a default sound that as a programmer you will provide.


  • Python Project 13: Digital Clock

Project Difficulty Level: Intermediate Level


The Digital Clock is another attractive Python project. Such Python projects can be categorized under beginner level Python projects. Such a Python project lets the programmer develop a clock application that can be set according to any time zone in the globe.

An application for this Python program will be an attractive one, but the web development version of such Python Projects is more acceptable by the users. Use any random module for the designing of the digital clock in the application.

Are you getting excited with the information on this project? So, why you are waiting? Start now!


  • Python Project 14: Password Generator

Project Difficulty Level: Intermediate Level


The password generator is the most crucial among any other Python projects. A random password generator is essential for the security of any website. On every website, there is a need to generate a random password in the beginning before a user selects their password.

The application will help to do the same. After pressing any key, the application or the program creates a set of passwords. For that, it will take the help of strings, integers & even special characters. Also, you have to be aware that any password doesn’t repeat in the generation time.

In this project, each & every password must be a unique one & should not be repeated twice.


  • Python Project 15: Currency Converter

Project Difficulty Level: Intermediate Level


Such Python projects are necessary for those who have an interest in different currencies around the globe. In such Python projects, a set of several functions should be declared for conversion to any currency in the world.

Suppose, you want to convert the 1 USD to EURO, so such a conversation should be done in one separate function. Now, if you want to convert 1 USD to 1 Rubel or 1 INR, for those conversations there should be separate functions.

The functions should be efficient enough to convert any amount to a certain currency throughout the globe.


  • Python Project 16: Real Estate Management System

Project Difficulty Level: Intermediate Level


Real Estate Management System is the newest innovative project that you can design as your semester project. Here, the theme is to design a webpage or website using the Web Development process that will work for a single Real Estate Organization.

The latest news regarding that organization will be available there. Also, if one individual wants to book a meeting for a plot that can also be done. Suppose, an individual is interested in buying a plot, then the webpage will show its price using the property calculator system involved there.

It is our challenge that nobody innovated such a project! So, why should you wait? Move be the first one.


  • Python Project 17: Online Video Downloader

Project Difficulty Level: Intermediate Level


Our next project will be on Video Downloading purposes using the Python and Web Development process. While surfing on other social media platforms, we can across some enjoyable videos. Such platforms provide the share link option, but there is no download option present.

So, you can implement one simple webpage that will fulfill such desires of millions of social media users. Any kind of URL of social media, you can insert there & download the video. Also, there will be an option to choose the video quality based on users’ interests.

The project might look like a difficult one, but it is not as challenging as you are assuming.


  • Python Project 18: Judge Your Luck

Project Difficulty Level: Intermediate Level


Another fun Python project that you can implement without much hassles is the spinning of a fortune wheel. Here, the concept is a simple one, but the implementation process is a bit difficult. The first task is to define a wheel using the TK GUI Toolkit in the program with options present there.

Now, users need to press one key on the keyboard to trigger the game. After moving for a few minutes, the wheel will stop at a certain region & based on your luck, you will get a reward. Such a project acts as a small project that can contribute to another project itself.

Without more thinking, go for the implementation process of this Python Project.


  • Python Project 19: Check The URL

Project Difficulty Level: Intermediate Level


This is the Python project that will give you an extra edge for your future. Why, we are talking about that? Because, in this project, you will use your Python knowledge with the Selenium application. Here, Selenium is used to check whether a webpage or website is workable or not.

The use of Selenium is done with either Java or Python programming language. Python also goes with the Selenium. In this case, you have to draw a selenium script in Python which will get a URL as user input & based upon the checking it will get the result whether the URL is broken or not.

Selenium is highly used in corporate worlds to check their implemented software application.


  • Python Project 20: Car Price Prediction

Project Difficulty Level: Intermediate Level


The Car Price Prediction Project will be implemented based on the core Python concepts. Here, the Data Science knowledge and Machine Learning System will be used. To implement this project, you have to download a Car Price Dataset from the Internet on which all operations will be done.

The code will check the dataset entered at different times. Based on the analysis process, the code will generate the price of a certain car in a particular period of a year. Based on this process, we can generate car price predictions for a separate brand.

Now, predict a certain car brand price using your own implemented Python project system.


  • Python Project 21: Tic-Tac-Toe Game

Project Difficulty Level: Advanced Level


When you were kind & learning in any school, you should have played the Tic Tac Toe game during the class time or in the recession time. Now, it is the time to develop Python projects that can play the Tic Tac Toe game with you.

You can use the circle & cross design using some popular Python libraries. But you can also develop such Python projects without using the design. You can use Zero (0) and One (1) instead of Circle and Cross respectively. If any line can be drawn that can also be indicated or mentioned in the output.

Eager to play the game with your computer? Strat development of Python project from this very day.


  • Python Project 22: Kick Out Unmatched Word

Project Difficulty Level: Advanced Level


It is going to be one of the most important Python projects that can be used for solving a popular question. In every aptitude paper, you find a question where the unmatched word should be identified & removed. The same system we will develop using such Python projects.

Here, in the program, the users need to provide a set of words. The words can be placed in the list or any other Data Structures. Now, the program will identify the word that does not match the sequence. The word will be mentioned & kicked out from the sequence.

The use of Machine Learning techniques is a necessary skill to be implemented in the program.


  • Python Project 23: Roll Out The Dice

Project Difficulty Level: Advanced Level


In this Python Project, a Digital Dice will be present & a key should be pressed to roll the dice. It can be defined as the dice rolling simulator. After rolling, the dice a particular number will arrive and the number will be noted down.

After every dice rolled, the number of attempts will be reduced. The goal is to achieve a particular number by rolling the dice. If you achieve the number, you will the game. Otherwise, you will lose the game & you have to start from the beginning.

Sounds good, right? So, what you are waiting for? Go started developing the Python project.


  • Python Project 24: Rename Bulk File In Folder

Project Difficulty Level: Advanced Level


In this Python project, a path to the folder will be provided. And the Python code will change the name of every file present in that folder. To complete such a project a good knowledge of Machine Learning & Data Science is important.

The data that are present in the folder will be first taken as the input. Now, the default name will be provided to the program. The program next uses the Machine Learning model & completes all the operations. Few resizing can also be needed for such Python projects.

Knowing Python File Explorer is also needed for this project development process.


  • Python Project 25: Weather Application

Project Difficulty Level: Advanced Level


Weather Forecasting website is a popular project that has been developed for many years. But instead of using the Web Development process, you can use the concept of application as your Python project & submit that. There are a lot of packages present for doing that.

You have to just take some data from the internet. And using Data Science & Machine Learning to analyze the records. After analyzing, the program can able to suggest the weather report in any particular area at any certain month.

Implementing such a project will bring more prosperity to your theoretical knowledge related to Python.


  • Python Project 26: Get The Typing Speed:

Project Difficulty Level: Advanced Level


Getting details about your typing speed is very necessary for a few individuals, mostly those who write tons of content in a day. Earlier, in Windows XP, there was a game that would generate the typing speed of an individual. The same project can be implemented using the TK GUI Toolkit.

Here, in a particular space, one has to write some random paragraphs. And the code will check the typing speed along with the spelling mistakes that the individual is committing. After that, the code will give the marks out of five to judge your writing speed.

Looking interesting? Start developing the project, where you are getting issues, we are there to help.


  • Python Project 27: Vaccination Registration System

Project Difficulty Level: Advanced Level


The Vaccination Registration System is a component of the healthcare management system. It might be an infant or an adult, but the need for Vaccination for different diseases is so important. Your target is to build up a system that will do most of the tasks in online mode.

The plan of this project is to give a set of hospital names to an individual. From those hospital names, one can choose a center to do vaccinations for himself or for a small infant. The time & date will be registered there in the system & one acknowledgment paper will be derived.

Still thinking about the process? Don’t be worried, we will be pleased to help you at any point in time.


  • Python Project 28: Check Any Plagiarism:

Project Difficulty Level: Advanced Level


Plagiarism is the most irritating issue that one has to face nowadays. After the innovation of some AI Chatbots & when they started getting recognition, the problem escalated a few more times. You can develop one webpage using Web Development & Python to counter that situation.

Here, in this project, a certain text field will be provided to enter the words for checking plagiarism. If there is any plagiarism, it will be marked there. Otherwise, the text will be marked as free from plagiarism. Also, you can put a link to check the online content plagiarism.

Now, you can use your own plagiarism checker for your own purpose.

What Are The Benefits To Work On Python Projects?

Now, you might have understood that the list of Python Projects for beginners is not going the be finished. There are thousands number of projects that can be defined with the Python language. But before we conclude, there is a special note for you.

What Are The Benefits To Work On Python Projects?

Here, we are going to discuss some of the important benefits of working with any Python project. The list of benefits is mentioned in the following:

  • Get More Confidence:

Early starting with the implementation of a Python project will help to increase your self-confidence. You will get the energy to jump into any project development process without thinking about its imaginary setbacks.

  • Having Clear Knowledge:

The development of any project will help to understand the Theoretical knowledge on the topic. You might know the theory of the process, but only the practical knowledge is going to brace your skills for the topic. So, it is a great benefit.

  • Bracing Innovative Ideas:

Working on such projects will help to think about different concepts in Python along with different sections. Now, by thinking about those sections innovative ideas regarding Python will come to your mind. So, the simple project implementation will increase your thought process.

  • Path Towards Future:

Implementation of projects is the path of your future. As fast as you can design a project, so fast your increment will be done in your organization. So, if you want your future a bright one, start working on the projects from this day itself. Apart from this there are many benefits to learn Python, you can check our article and learn about them


As we saw, it is very important to know the Python projects ideas for beginners.

Among the list of projects, you might start with any of the projects. But we advise you to start with the basic level project without moving to an advanced one.

We also advise you to clear the basic concepts of the Python language. After clearing the basic concept, you might start the implementation of different Python projects, but not before clearing the basic concepts.

Also, if you’re looking for your final year project ideas for other programming languages like C++, then you can check out our article on “C++ Project Ideas

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