Hospital Management System Project For Final Year Students

Hospital Management System Project Ideas

Do you know “What is Hospital Management System Project”? In this article, we will discuss the modules & processes you should follow to develop such an attractive project in your final year.

Let us discuss some concepts on the hospital management system project in this article & get clear guidance to develop such projects on your own.

But before we start writing about the project theme, we should discuss some more basic things. We should start our journey with a very brief introduction to the Project Management system. The concept of the project in our mind is developed on completely wrong perceptions.

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Hospital Management System Project Ideas


What Is Hospital Management System Project? Get To Know


Hospitals are the most crucial pillar of our society. If we consider doctors as our god, then the hospitals will be the worshiping area of such god. If we want to make a list of necessities of civic society, we will get the need for a good hospital at the top of that.

Now, any management system refers to an automation system which will bring some more clarity to that work. A hospital management project is not different from that. By implementing the project, we are going to provide some boost to the hospital paper works.

Have you ever thought about how much paperwork; any hospital needs to carry out in a single day? Each & every document is essential there. Misplacing any documents will cause a mess in some more proceedings.

So, in this digital world, every document needs to be converted into a soft copy & let the server manage all the things instead of the hospital itself. So, the target is to develop a concrete system that will help to wipe out all the physical paperwork in any hospital.

The development of such a project will help the hospital attendees to concentrate more on the patients. A digital platform can make a revolution in this field. And we are committed to providing you with every possible help.

If you are getting excited, then let us move ahead in our discussion.


What Are The Objectives Of the Hospital Management Project? Learn More


Now, it is important to know about the objectives of the hospital management project. If you don’t know about the objective of any task form beforehand, it will be better not to start such a task. As such tasks are going to vein in the future.

And we don’t want that your final year project becomes a complete failure. Also, getting clear objectives will be good for your future. When you start writing your thesis or report about the project, you should include the objective part of it.

So, let us first discuss the objectives of the project. It should be clear why we should develop the project.

  • Computerized Data:

    Every data that is present in the hospital will become computerized. This means a digital copy will always be present for backup purposes. All the paper works will be done on the Internet irrespective of the size of the work.

  • Appointment To Doctor:

    A doctor’s appointment will become an easy task in this project. Any patient can easily make a connection with the doctor. And when needed, the emergency call system to the doctor can also be available here.

  • Online Test Record:

    Sometimes it is a case that many unfortunate patients need to go through a few tests at certain intervals of time. It is not possible to bring all the test records to any doctor for verification purposes. If the test records are kept online, they will be easy to extract.

  • Getting Medicine Data:

    Every hospital has its medical store adjacent to the hospital building. The hospital management system can get the track records of the medicine in that store. So, it will not be difficult to serve some necessary medicine to the patient on time.

  • History Of Patient:

    Suppose, a patient has again admitted to the same hospital after 10 years. If the digital copy of the patient data has been saved in the system, then the treatment of the patient can be started as soon as possible. It will help to understand the nerve of the patient for any doctors.


Now, as the objective is clear for developing the hospital management system, we can move to the outline of the project. Then we will discuss some important modules or stages in the project.

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What Is The Outline Of Hospital Management Project? Discussed Below


It is not possible to develop the whole project in this article & share a source link. It will be not an ethical practice also. At last, the project has to develop by you or your team; it will be your achievement.

Now, we will discuss the basic outline of the project. You should follow those outlines to get an idea of the development process. The outline for the project development can be divided into two parts.

Every project will have two wings, one will be the Front End & another will be the Back End. We will discuss those wings for this project.

  • Front End Outline:

    The front-end development of any project helps to do a makeover in your project face. Suppose, one webpage has been developed to take the patient data. So, the webpage needs to be attractive. Otherwise, users will bounce back to see such a dirty & ugly front. So, you should take care of the front face of your project. You can use the HTML, CSS & JavaScript languages to do the proper implementation.

  • Back End Outline:

    The back end will be the storehouse of your project. Your codes & connections to different applications will be done there. In hospital management projects, there should be some database to store the data of patients. Now, the development of the database along with Java or Python programming language will be the back end. The back end will help to do all the major operations in the project.

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So, while developing the hospital management project, you should first develop the back end with the imagination of the front end. You first imagine what entities or modules will be required in the front end. And then start developing the back end as per the requirement.

Now, we will make a list of programming languages or components that will play an essential role in the development process. Some of them might be optional for your case, but those are will still important.


§  HTML(Front End) §  Python (Back End)
§  CSS (Front End) §  Django (Back End) (Optional)
§  JavaScript (Front End) §  Java (Back End)
§  Server Domain §  Database Management System (MySQL) (Back End)


What Are The Modules Involved In Hospital Management Project?


Now, it is time to discuss some of the important modules present in the hospital management project. Modules are those elements or individuals which you need to take care of while developing the project. You should provide some space for them in the project.

It will be clearer when we discuss each & every module present in the hospital management project.

Modules Involved In Hospital Management System Project

  • Admin Module:

You should develop your project such that the admin module gets the high power among any of the modules. The admin module might be handled by the manager of the hospital or the owner of the hospital. An admin module gets permission to visit every document in every department of the hospital management project. If any unethical happens in the hospital, the power of suspension will be present in the hands of the admin.

  • Registration Module:

Now, it is the second most important module in this project. Registration is the core purpose behind the development of the project. Any patient or any client can create an account on the hospital server. And they can get the service at their home. You can expand the wing more by adding some more features. Like one individuals can order medicine from the hospital store or ask for any test from their home.

For developing this module, you should have some real-life sense. You should add details to the registration page of the users. While registering, you can ask for the DOB, Gender, Name, Age, etc. This is going to increase the database of the users. In the future, you can add some more specifications to this part.

  • Reception Module:

It is the third most important module. You might think why there is a need to get the reception module in the project. The need comes from the two fields. Suppose, some old aged person needs to get the same facility from the hospital. But they don’t even have the Smartphone in their hand. So, how they can create an account on the server?

For them, the reception module will do the work. They can make a call to the reception & the receptionist can develop an account on behalf of them. Again the reception module will help to make a connection between the patient & hospital management.

The receptionist will collaborate with the accounts department of the hospital along with the patient family. In this way, the whole project will rotate around the reception module.

  • Doctor Module:

In any hospital, several doctors will be available. Some doctors are specialized in any of the branches of medicine. This module will help to get such data present in the system. Through this process, the receptionist module can check the availability of the doctor & make appointments.

The same data will be available in the accounts of every user. So, they can manually choose a date from the calendar present on the server & book an appointment with the doctor. Also, if needed, you can introduce the inline payment system for getting the appointment.

  • Patient Module:

It is one of the largest modules in this hospital management project. This module will be activated when a patient gets admission to the hospital. And the initialization of this module can be done by the hospital authority or receptionist only.

This module will save all the patient data on the server. Whatever the test has been done will be saved. And those data will be available again inside the account of the patient’s family. For the innovation purpose, one Chabot can be implemented to have a conversation with the hospital administration about the health issue of the patient.

Along with these five modules, you can develop some more new modules in the project. Like, you can develop one module for the accounting department. One module can also be developed for the medicine store of the hospital, etc.




At the end of the article, we can say the hospital management system is one of the unique projects.

The target of the article was to clear the concept of the hospital management project in your mind. And we hope that we have achieved our target successfully.

For developing any project, you should have some imagination in your mind. Your mind should always be hungry for new innovative ideas. Then you can see the development of any final year project will be child play for you.

So, hope you have liked this piece of article. Share your thoughts in the comments section and let us know if we can improve more.

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