Is Learning To Code Worth It Even In 2024?

As a New Graduate, if you want to become a Software Engineer by getting Coding Skills in programming languages, it is time to think about Is learning to code worth it?. This is the crucial time that will determine your future.

With constant expansion & innovation in Artificial Intelligence & AI Tools, you might think the need for Developers will become null at any point. But if you go much deeper into the concept, you will find the situation is not as simple as you are thinking.

In this article, we will discuss all of such small points that will help to brainstorm about the need for learning code even in 2024 when AI Technology is growing rapidly.

This guide will break it down for you. Will that do? In case, you’re still facing difficulties in choosing the best app for you, you know you can ask for coding help online and excel in your programming coursework.

Summary Or Key Highlights:

  • Programming is the set of instructions given to a computer to perform certain operations.

  • There is a myth that the High Demand for Programming is declining for various AI Tools.

  • However, there are many reasons still present to make Coding Worthwhile nowadays.

  • The presence of AI Tools will not Nullify the demand for Coding Skills even in the future.

  • Like, any other concept, there are some Challenges involved in coding as well.

What Are Programming Languages?

Operating Systems don’t understand the Human Language like English. So, if you want to perform some operations with any Computer, you have to put some commands there. These will be the command in the Machine Language which is very hard for humans to write down.

The Programming Languages act as the bridge between the Human & Computers. The Programming Languages is developed in such a way that both Humans & Computers can understand & hence operation on the computer becomes easier.

There are many coding languages present, but we don’t want to move deeper into the concept. But, if you want to be a Developer, Work on Web Development, or any other Software, then the Programming Language will be most needed.

Why Is Learning To Code Important & Worthful?

Now, we will discuss the Core Concept of this topic. Here, we will discuss the Top 10 Reasons to Learn Coding even in 2024 where Artificial Intelligence & AI Tools are dominating the world. From this discussion, you will certainly find the answer you are looking for.

Is Learning To Code Important

From all of the following reasons, you will get to know why Coding Skills are still worthwhile & why you should join the Tech Industry after completing your Graduation in Computer Science. So, let us start the discussion.

1) Nurturing Basic Coding Skills:

It is the very first criterion as to why you should go ahead with learning to code. If you have a preliminary idea about Programming Skills & Technical Skills, you must join the Programming Language Course as it is your field of work.

If you know that you have the Basic Knowledge of Programming Skills, then you should move ahead to Nurture the Technical Skills a bit more. Because the Computer Science field is not open to all individuals who don’t have any kind of prior knowledge.

Human Intelligence is more useful than Artificial Intelligence & AI Tools as it can do more tasks with mind & soul.

2) Development Of Problem-Solving Skills:

Problem-solving skills are a necessity for any kind of work you are doing. If you are not associated with Computer Programming, then also you have to think logically to get some work done. And if you want to get the best problem-solving skills, then learning coding skills is a must.

When you start coding & grabbing some simple coding skills, you can develop your logical thinking. To get the solution of any problem in with programming, then logical thinking is necessary. So, if you want to get such skills, you have to learn programming language.

As much as Logical Thinking a Human can do, AI Tools can’t be done. So, Problem-solving skills development is necessary nowadays.

3) Creativity and Innovation:

If you are an individual who wants to create new skills & new technologies, then the field of programming language is the best option. Learning Programming Language can only provide you with the best field of work where creativity matters.

There are a lot of problems present where solutions are also available. But CS, demands some more from Software Developers. You have to bring some more innovative & effective solutions to it. And for that, you have to grow up the Valuable Skill Set & Critical Thinking.

Some experts believe that the Humans are more creative than the AI Tools. After all, AI Tools are developed by Humans only.

4) Job Opportunities:

If you choose the Programming Language as your career path, you will find a lot of Coding Jobs available in the market. From Data Science and Machine Learning to Data Analysis, there are a lot of opportunities present in your Coding Journey.

Even in Software Engineering, you will find a different programming language choice to develop any certain piece of application. So, there is no end of Job Offerings when you will graduate with Coding Skills. So, you don’t have to worry about your Future Career.

5) Understanding Technology:

Not only have a dream to join the Software Development Domain, but you also have to understand the Tech Industry. If you are an individual who wants to move inside into the topic to get the core concept, then the Programming Language Domain will be for you.

If you have the curiosity to know the very small aspects of any technical things like Websites, Applications, etc. be sure that Learning Programming will be worthwhile for you. So, without any hesitation, join the Programming Community.

6) Lifelong Learning Chances:

If you are an individual who wants to learn lifelong, the Learning Code will help you a lot. In the Coding Language Domain, new technologies are developed within a certain time. And you have chosen it as your career, you have to always understand new techs.

If you stop learning new tech, you can’t work on the topic when your Company will ask you or allocate a new project. And once you will get all the required knowledge on any topic & deliver the required project to the company, you will get a good appreciation from your higher authority.

7) A Good Earning Place:

It is the most worthwhile matter for which many individuals want to learn code. If you have good coding skills, you are going to get some higher packages with a high amount. Also, the amount depends upon the field where you have the excellence.

According to some studies, it can be seen that the average package of any good developer belongs to $100,000 to $300,000 per year in the USA. In India, it can go up to 50 Lacks Ruppes per Year as well. So, there is a lot of money present in this particular domain.

8) Service To Society:

You have to keep in mind that, becoming a Software Engineer & developing software products is not a simple Private Company Job, you are doing. It is the service to the society that you are performing in any Private Company.

You have to think that, whatever applications you are developing will be used for the betterment of the common citizens. An application for Hospitals, Schools, or Colleges, etc. can reduce the workload of the common citizen of the society. Not only for your country but also for the world.

9) Team Collaboration Work:

If you don’t want to join any workplace where you have to complete any certain job on your own, then Learning Programming will be the best choice for you. If you want to complete some jobs collaboratively, then Programming will be the best for you.

When you work with Coding, there are most of the jobs available in collaboration. You will get a whole bunch of team members to complete any certain job. From Software Engineers to Software Testers, there are many sections involved where you can work.

10) Frequent Career Paths Switching:

It is another important perspective from which many individuals learn programming. In the Coding Jobs, you can easily switch your company to another one. When you switch your job, you will find more salary along with some bonus as well.

So, if you are getting exhausted in any certain company, you can go for the Company Switching without any issues by showing your experiences. And in this way, you can gain some extra attention to your current company as well.

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What Age Should You Learn To Code?

From the above discussion, it should become clear why Writing Code is still worthwhile in 2024 as well even in the presence of any AI Tool. Now, we are going to discuss another important question & concept At Which Age You Should Start Learning To Code?

According to many experts, there are No Age Restrictions to Learn Coding Languages from Basics.

Age You Should Learn To Code

From one survey data, it can be seen that most individuals Start their Coding Journey from Age 11 to Age 17. In this particular time, they grab all the Basic Information as well as some Advanced Topics. However, it is not the correct order to grab Coding Knowledge.

It can be seen that Learning To Code should be started from Age 5 Itself. The Basic Part of programming should be completed within Age 7. In this way, the basic information will be in their mind & from Age 11, they can start from the Intermediate Part of Programming.

Where To Learn To Code? Read Below

Now, as we are moving towards the end of the topic, let us discuss some co-related topics with the main concept. If you are determined to Learn Coding, then you have to also understand where you can get the best subject as it will be the first step in your learning.

So, in learning programming, there are two different methods present. As per your choice, you can select any one of the options such as Coding Bootcamp vs Computer Science Degree. Let us check those two options one by one in the following.

1) Coding Bootcamp:

If you are a working professional or engaged in any other activity, you can still grab the Programming Knowledge that will help to get the Dream Job that you want. It can be done with the help of the Coding Bootcamps. This is the method that can be done in a complete Online Manner.

There are many Coding Bootcamp Platforms present online where you can enroll & complete the subject. You have to give one end exam to get the Completion Certificate of the Course. With the help of the Certificate, you will get Job Opportunities.

2) Computer Science Degree:

Another way is to go for the Traditional Concept & in this case, you have to be the Full Time Learner as you have to always be present in your classes. It is the CS Degree that can be achieved from any University.

This method is only operational in the Offline Mode & you have to present in most of the classes to pass the Attendance Percentage Threshold Value. Otherwise, the institute will not allow you to sit for the examination & hence a complete year will be dropped.

There are also many resources available for programming students to learn coding.

What Are The Coding Challenges To Learn Programming Language?

Now, if you are thinking is everything alright with Learning Coding, then we must break that myth as well. Like, every concept, in coding as well there are many challenges present. And you have to understand those challenges before jumping into it.

Coding Challenges To Learn Programming Language

Here, we are going to describe some of the challenges that you will find while learning coding. So, think twice before taking any kind of decision by judging both positive & negative sides. Let us discuss some of the problems.

1) High Expenses:

Learning Code is not as simple as you are thinking. The most important challenge is the High Expense to Learn Code. If you have opted for the Coding Bootcamps, the expenses will be spent a single time once enrolling.

However, if you are going for the Traditional CS Degree, then you have to pay a lot of amounts semester-wise to the institution. And this can go up to $50,000 in the USA & for India, the price can reach ₹500,000 as a whole. So, you have to manage the amount first.

2) High Time Contribution:

If you want to learn coding, you have to put most of your time into practicing & studying the concepts. If you have opted for the CS Degree, then forget about involving any other activities as you have to put all your time into attending the classes to get the Attendance Percentage.

However, if you opt for the Coding Bootcamps option there is no particular time involved & you can attend lectures any time. But, in this case, you have to put your own time into understanding the topic. It is not as simple & less time-consuming as you are thinking.

3) Challenge To Write Code:

When you go for writing the code, another set of challenges you will face. This is completely related to the Syntax of the Code. You have to follow the Syntax Rule to Generate Code for a particular problem. You have to take care of every small mistake.

Also, you have to understand the meaning of Warning & Errors from the Compiler. Most of the time, the user can’t understand the message & the error in the code. This will lead to some major problems. Also, always put Commands to overcome major issues.

Is It Hard To Learn To Code OR Is It Easy To Learn To Code?

It is very difficult to provide the answer to the above question. Code Learning can be difficult for someone & can be easier for someone. It completely depends upon the individual perspective. So, there can’t be any specific answer for it.

If you are an individual who loves the CS Subject & wants to know every small thing the Tech does, then Code Learning will be easier for you. And you will enjoy the subject a bit more than others. You will find the self-enthusiasm to learn deeper.

But, if you are an individual who is not interested in the Tech & assumes the Syntax of any Code as a simple statement on the device, for them the Code Learning can be difficult & they can even leave the course in between.


As we can see, we have to understand the Is learning to code worth it?.

Before selecting any subject for your graduation, you have to look for its future. If you find yourself fitted for the subject & if there is a good future lies, you can simply go for the Enrolling for Graduation. For Coding Subjects, you have to also analyze it.

We also have a blog where we have mentioned an ultimate guide for coding languages to clear your concepts and to make your vision clear.


  • Coding is a field where you have to work on Computers to get some problems solved.

  • From a Good Salary to Quick Industry Change, there are many reasons to Learn Code.

  • The best time to Learn Code will be from Age 5 to Age 7 where one has to clear the Basics.

  • Online Bootcamps & Universities are the two only ways to Learn Code to get any job.

  • There are some challenges involved like High Time & Expenses to Learn Code.

  • It depends on the Individual’s Perspective to declare the Learning Code as Easy or Difficult. 

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