Mobile Android App Development Project Ideas For Students

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In the next 5-10 minutes, you are going to read some of the most innovative Android final-year project ideas that you can really use in your College project ideas.

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Android App Ideas, Android Project Ideas


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Android App Ideas, Android Project Ideas

As Android has emerged in the market it has flourished very well full of mind-blowing opportunities. Recent years have shown exceptional growth in the Mobile Android market in terms of technology and popularity.

So here we are presenting some of the full-fledged and innovative Mobile Android App Project Ideas For Students that you can opt for for your Final Year Projects.

These ideas have been well researched by me and my team and are worth making projects.

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Almost every one of you must be studying Java so, we have also written a detailed article on Java Project Ideas which will be quite helpful for you to pick the right and new topics.

Android App Ideas, Android Project Ideas

So, cutting the long story short, presenting the top Android Project Ideas for all college students.

Here are the top mobile Android app development project ideas for students:

Android App Ideas for beginners

Android Bluetooth-based Chatting App

This application will enable college students to communicate with each other on a single platform. It will give them the facility to chat and share important notices through it. There will be a login page for the users and a code to join the same group.

The development of this application can be done using Android Studio, Java, and XML. For this, even Kotlin can be used instead of Java. And instead of XML, you can use JSON.

This app is specifically targeting a group of people and not anyone to one chat. The users would be provided with a login/signup page. Once they register on the app, they’ll be ready to enter the chat room with a code. After they enter the chat room, they can communicate and share the data. Apart from this, if you are stuck in your Java homework then you can always hire the best Java assignment helper to get help with Java homework.

Smart Travel Guide Application

The main objective of this Android project is to provide rich and relevant travel-related information to users on the move. The idea is to create a smart travel guide app that users can access anytime and from anywhere. Since the proposed app is based on request and response, it does not require the continual acquisition of bandwidth.

While visiting new places, tourists often complain that they cannot access and obtain travel information timely and on the go. This smart travel guide app seeks to solve that problem by generating feature-rich texts, pictures, videos, and any other guidance-related details requested by users so that they can explore tourist destinations better. Modules of the app include Find Current Location, Locate in Map, Video Search, Weather Forecast, and Calculate Distance between two Cities,

Mashup technology is used for designing this travel app because Mashups, based on open web APIs, hold the potential to integrate applications and data sources to create unique and situational web services to cater to the needs of users.

Daily Route Planner

Many a time while on tour to multiple locations, we end up wasting a lot of time and money due to improper planning. Many E-commerce & online delivery businesses need to assign delivery men on various routes with multiple stops to deliver the goods to the customers. Hence there is a need to plan & optimize these routes to avoid delivery delays and minimize the traveling cost. But manually planning & optimizing a tour is a cumbersome task.

This daily route planner will help you optimize your journey by navigating your entire route from start to end in the best possible sequence stop by stop to make your journey easier & faster. This android application will be using various TSP Algorithms to generate the shortest path to help the users plan their tours easily thereby saving their time & cost. The users can also plan trips that can last for more than 1 day. Thus, this tour planner app will help users to plan their personal and commercial tours easily.

In this system, the User gets the shortest or nearest path of the route entered by the user. The location is marked on the integrated Google map. The user has to enter the start and end location for the destination, and the user has to add five different stops where he wants to halt or visit during the trip. The user will get the shortest path by using the algorithm used in-app.

Face Detection Using Mobile Vision API

This System is an innovative Application allowing the System to detect faces using the phone’s Camera. This system makes use of the Mobile Vision API by Google. The System basically works as follows; the user should take the phone over any picture or anywhere with people, and the system using Mobile Vision detects faces with a few attributes such as Happiness and left and right eyes in percentage.

The User can save all the faces as jpg or png. The System doesn’t act as face verification or recognition but allows the user to roll over any picture or any place with people thus enabling the system to detect faces and save them as per user convenience. The user can name each face and can save it in the database as well. There is a list of photos saved in the database as well for the user to check out which is saved as Base 64.

College Students Communication App 

One of the best ideas to start experimenting with your hands-on Android projects for students is working on an Android-based chatting app. Bluetooth technology is excellent for facilitating wireless communication at low costs. Today, every Android device has Bluetooth integrated into it for wireless communication. In this project, you will leverage Android’s open-source API to build a Bluetooth-based chatting application that can establish a connection between smartphones via Bluetooth to facilitate the exchange of messages between the devices.

While designing this project, you will need to pair the Bluetooth-enabled devices before using the Bluetooth communication portal for security reasons. All the connected devices will then be shared with an RFCOMM channel for data transmission. The Bluetooth communication process will incorporate Query Bluetooth. To get the Bluetooth Activity, you can use a Bluetooth Adapter, and to obtain the Bluetooth connection intent, you can use the onActivityResult () method.

Tuition notes of the student app

This project is based on the tracking of students who go to tuition. This app will have three modules that are the student, the tutor, and the parents. This app will contain all the details of the student, like when they had gone to classes and when they didn’t. Also, the tutors will give them remarks on a daily basis.

This application needs to be built using Android Studio. And the supported languages are Java and Kotlin. The interface can be designed using JSON or XML.

The tutor will make an account of the student and their parents and will handle things. All the users are then supposed to log in using the credentials. This app will make sure that the parents are also keeping track of their children. Along with that, they can also be in constant touch with the tutors.

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Crime reporter and Missing person finder

This app is proposed to act as an Android crime reporter. This app tracks the investigation status of criminal cases with logs and also tracks complaints logged by the user. This system is proposed to help agencies like CBI, CID, and similar bureaus to speed up their investigation process and track the status of multiple cases simultaneously.

In this system, the locality itself will help the authority with the crime details and proceed with the investigation. They will help the authorities to find out the crime ratio in an area. The system keeps logs of a case, which include a case summary, no. of people involved, the past criminal record of those involved, and other details. The system allows the admin to control the status of the investigation, images of the crime and items found on the scene, etc.

The users here can post the missing person’s details with a photograph. They may also check for the status that is updated by the admin. This app is developed to help investigation teams to work collectively on the cases and coordinate properly. Also, this will help us in speeding up the process by suggesting logical suspects based on the data provided.

Online examination based on Android App Idea

This is the best Android project idea for engineering students. These days technology is taking things to the next level. Similarly, using this application the examinations of students can be conducted online. When we consider taking exams offline, there are various difficulties, and it is also tedious and time taking. Therefore we can take examinations online in a hassle freeway.

The requirements for this application are Android Studio, Java, and XML along with the proper system configuration to enable better app development. Also, another thing would be an Android Emulator to check the functioning of the application developed.

There are two modules in this project that are:

  • Candidate Module – The one that will appear for the test. This will be able to create or delete the account. Change the password and give exams.
  • Admin Module – The one that will schedule the examination and also the notices regarding the same. They can also view all the students and add or remove any accounts when required. 

Hospital Management System

This project will aid the problems of patients if they are unable to get appointments with doctors. This application is a platform to provide help to patients in having better conversations with doctors. The patients would need to register themselves on the application.

The requirement for this project is Android Studio IDE for the app development Platform. The knowledge of Java or XML for the functioning of the application as well as the user interface.

This system will have the following modules:
1. Admin – The admin will create and manage the ID and password of the users.
2. Doctor – The Doctor would be able to see the complaints of patients and give solutions.
3. Patient – The patients would need to register themselves and find the doctor they want. They can ask their queries and problems to the doctors.

Hostel Management Android Project Idea

This system will help the Hostel Managers to keep track of the staff as well as the students. They will all have their accounts along with their daily entries. This app will help in managing the data and students in a better way with a proper record of their In and Out timing.

The requirements for this project are Android Studio, and Android Emulator for development, and running. Then, Java and XML for application functioning and User interface.

The modules would be
1. Admin – The admin controls the overall details and the number of accounts. The admin can view all the accounts.
2. Students – They can log in and check their own details. Students need to mention them in time and the out time.
3. Staff – Staff would need to enter their details, and the admin will check them.

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Disaster management helping app idea

This project aims to be useful during natural calamities to get timely and accurate information about them. This will let the rescuers and sufferers exchange information about the latest circumstances. It will also lead the rescue wing to provide support as soon as possible. This system will use mobile services to acquire real-time information about users and the environment.

For the development of this project, you can use Android Studio with Java and XML. Here, the user can send their queries immediately. The users can post queries even if they are not registered.
There are three modules for this project which are

  1. The Admin: The admin will have track of whatever the users are posting, and suggest solutions. They can also view the disaster location and details.
  2. The User: The user would be able to register and log in. They will have a profile with their personal details as well. They can post their queries and get solutions for their queries.
  3. The Public: The public here would be able to post queries and get suggestions and solutions.

Healthy Diet Android app idea

This project aims at providing a healthy Diet system to people online. We know that an essential part that makes our body is the food that we eat. Food plays a vital role in order to keep us healthy and working. Thus this suggests the diets and intake while suffering from some illness. Here, the users can ask what to take and when to take it, like if they have diarrhea, and what they should eat, during nausea, what they should eat.

To develop this application we need to use Android Studio with Java and XML. To store the data locally, you can use SQLite for this Android project. Making this application easier and more interactive will help more and more people with this.

There will be users and nutritionists. The user would be able to register and ask for the doubts and suggestions that they need to ask. The nutritionist would register along with their proper proof of certification. Once registered they’ll be able to respond to the users in whatever possible way.

File sharing Android Application Idea

It is an essential application, as it is useful for sharing files in a secure way. Therefore this is a hybrid solution for the file storage cloud. The users can upload their files to the cloud, and the other users would be able to download it. But, it is not as simple as it sounds. As, file uploading will take part with the help of a key, and using an encryption method. This system will divide the file into two parts. Here, the first part is encrypted using the AES algorithm, and the other using the DES algorithm.

The platform that we need for the development of this project is Android Studio IDE with Java Programming and XML. To store the database locally on an Android device, you can use SQLite. SQLite is specifically made for Android Application Development.

The users would be able to register themselves and create their accounts. So, user 1 will upload with a key, and user 2 will log in with his credentials to find the files shared with him. After that, for user 2 to access, the system will automatically check if the SMS is there with the right encryption. If it finds that, the encrypted file will be decrypted for user 2 to use it.


Public News Android App Idea

A public news app is an informative system that helps users know the news, article, and many other important things going in and around their places. This project will help people stay updated with the latest happening things. In this app, the user would require to register themselves for the application.

The development of this application will make use of Android Studio IDE. For the development of this application, its front end, and its functionalities we will use XML and Java. The backend SQL server would be useful for this project.

There will be two modules for this that are: the user and the admin. The user here can view the news, and even add the news with images. The admin on, the other hand, would be keeping track of all the uploads by the user to make sure there is nothing wrong or abusive.

Social Networking Android Project Idea

In today’s world, our messages and our status are stretched throughout the world in a speedy and accessible manner by using Social Networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc. This Android project provides the possibility of all the features of social networking sites into one single app. After installing the Android version of Social Networking sites, we can enjoy messaging and other activities on Mobile in a fire faster and smarter way.

There are some standard features of this app are:

  • Instant status changing
  • Instant Messaging
  • Picture Messaging
  • Any file sharing (up to 100 MB)
  • Group Chatting
  • Video Calling
  • Audio Calling


Android-based Vehicle Tracking System

This vehicle tracking system by Android keeps track of the vehicle on an online map. This system will allow its users to track and check their vehicle fuel entries, servicing data, and maintenance status. The owner can keep track of more than one vehicle as well. The tracking system for vehicles will use the drivers GPS enabled mobile to track them on google maps.

We will develop this application using Android Studio IDE as a development platform. A tracker will be there in the vehicles. For the functioning and user interface, you can make use of Java, XML, HTML, JSON, and CSS.

The best thing about it would be the details would be with the Admin thus, no one can delete or alter the data. It will store data with all the details and all the entries.

So, you can use this as Mobile App Project Ideas For Students.

Income tax calculator application

This application aims at helping its users in calculating the correct payable taxes, and EMI with proper details. In this, the user would need to enter the details and rate of interest, principal amount, etc to find the result. This is a useful application when it comes to calculating the EMI or taxes even for casual checks.

The platform that we need for the development of this project is Android Studio IDE with Java Programming and XML. To store the databases locally on the Android device, you can use SQLite. SQLite is very useful for Android Application Development.

The user module would be there, where the users would need to register themselves on the application to make the utmost use of this system. This application will also store the record of calculations that the user would be able to refer to later on. Our C Assignment Help can also take your all worries if you are struggling with C homework.


General Knowledge Chatbot app idea

This project helps its users to learn and know more and more about general knowledge. This system works on an algorithm that analyzes the queries and understands the user’s message. This system will provide answers to users based on their queries. Once the users enter their questions, they will analyze the keywords and respond accordingly.

The platform that we need for the development of this project is Android Studio IDE with Java Programming and XML. To store the database locally in an Android device, you can use SQLite. SQLite is specifically made for Android Application Development for Android devices.

The module for this project is the User Module. The users need to register themselves and log in to this app. The user can ask questions from anywhere, be it sports, history, entertainment, politics, or any other. They can also respond to the results if they like them and report if the result shown is wrong.


Party Management System for Birthdays, Marriage, and Others.

In today’s world, we folks organize and go to so many parties. Parties like Birthdays, Marriages, Engagements, Anniversaries, and many more always attract us.

In Parties, there is a lot of food being wasted due to people’s preferences. Understand this thing in a simple manner.

Let’s suppose you like Vegetarian food and there are similar so many peoples coming to the party like Veg and Non-Veg count is less.

So, there is a chance that Non-Veg food will be wasted.

So, Why not we can develop a Mobile Application based on Food preferences and the number of people coming to the Party.

Features of this Project:

  • Food Preferences option will be provided to the Guests
  • Number of guests coming for the Party
  • Better management for parties and functions.
  • Timing and Venue will be provided through Google Maps
  • The dress code can be added for the party

I hope you got an idea of how this App Idea could be magical for your Final Year Project. So, these can be your hot mobile application development project topics you can use as FYP.

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Do you love Playing Quizzes? I have a mind-blowing App idea for you.

Who doesn’t like a Quiz? 

Today I will give you a new but little advanced idea for your Final Year Project. We will be using Artificial Intelligence to build this mobile application. You can read the below idea for Quiz Application.

An Advance Mobile Quiz Application

This concept is new. It is based on a general quiz application, but in this application, as the user is proceeding with questions, the complexity of questions that are coming depends on the correct and wrong questions done by the user in that session.

For example, if there are 10 questions for some quiz. When the user has uploaded 50 questions from which the quiz is to be made, then initially, the easy question will appear, then based on the user’s performance, the application will judge and show the questions.

For example, if all 5 questions initially are correct then the hard question appears if 3 are correct and 2 are wrong, then medium difficulty questions, and if all are wrong then easy.

In this manner, the application will recommend questions to the user depending on its performance. question will be chosen from the questions bank already made in a database by the teacher.

So, you use this project as Mobile Android App Project Ideas For Students in colleges.

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Hello App- An App based on the common interests

Let’s assume you like Football or Cricket so much and you can find some unknown having the same interests.

Isn’t it great?

You can send Hello to him/her and can chat as well. Fantastic. Let’s Jump into the Project Ideas

  • You can Select Interest from the menu
  • Find a person with common interests and send him a Hello request 
  • You can get so much information about your interests.
  • Chat with Friends 

You can build this App using Android Studio. It could be a bit difficult if you are a newbie. So, these can be your hot mobile application development project topics you can use as FYP.

Dazzled by AI (Artificial Intelligence)?

AI and Machine learning are the next things. If you are learning these technologies in your college then you must be thriving to work on an Android Application.

We are going to give you a new idea on which you can work and build an innovative mobile application.

Diet and Health Monitoring Application using Artificial Intelligence

Health is wealth! You must have heard this. So, many people are trying to remain fit and healthy these days.

We as an innovator and engineers can help them by building an app that will monitor their diet and health and recommend foods using Artificial intelligence.

Sound like a good idea?

Okay, so let’s start…

Functional Requirements:


-> Allows a user to register an account
-> Allows a user to login/log-out


-> Should calculate and display a user’s BMI level

Diet Monitoring

-> Should calculate the daily intake of a user (Carbohydrates, Fats, Proteins)
-> Should display how much the user has consumed and how much more the user should


-> Allows a user to enter the daily intake by choosing the default food provided from the
the system or manually adding it (Scanning of Barcode)

Footsteps Monitoring

-> Should calculate the footsteps and displays them to the user
Health Consultant

-> Allows a user to contact a professional health consultant
->Allows a user to view and update his personal details (Emails, passwords, physical
attributes etc.)

Recommendation System

->Should provide recommendations on what food the user should consume

->Should provide recommendations on how much sleep the user should get daily

Final Conclusion of requirements:

So, we want to use the concept of A. I and Machine learning, analyze the input data of the users to give the recommendation of the food that they should consume. And for diet monitoring, should allow users to set up a personal goal for daily intake of calories.

This is an overview of the Project. On the basis of the given functional requirements, you can start building the app. You need to build an API for the recommendation system and train it on the basis of foods and intake calories.

So, if you are interested in Mobile Android Development Project Ideas For Students then you can contact us now.

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Mobile Attendance System for College Students:

In the world of Smart Phones why waste paper to maintain the attendance of students?

If you are a final-year computer science student you can go ahead with this idea. It can be used in schools, Colleges to maintain attendance which will reduce data management in the paper.

Attributes of this project:

Mobile  Attendance System Android Project Ideas

  • The database is used as mobile memory or an online database.
  • An interface to enter the number of students in the classroom
  • Attendance marking and storage
  • Transfer of data to the school’s main server for future reference.

This is the overview and main features of the mobile application. You can make this application as your final year project or you could give us this opportunity to get your project done.

The attendance System is one of the superb new Android project ideas you can use to earn good grades in your Finals.

So, if you are interested in this Mobile Android App Development Project Ideas For Students then you can contact us now.

Restaurant management system Android Project Ideas

Once I was visiting a restaurant and I saw that the owner of the restaurant facing a lot of difficulties in managing the tables as it was getting crowded.

Then this idea clicked into my mind why not I should develop an application that could help restaurants manage their messy system? I thought I implemented and I came up with a fantastic solution.

The restaurant manager application is one of the considerable new Android project ideas so, you can go ahead with this Android Project Idea. Here are the features of this project:

Restaurant Management Android Project Ideas

  • The number of tables present in the restaurants will be shown on one page.
  • Food categorize
  • No. of Orders from the particular table stored in the database
  • Another interface appeared in the Kitchen to fetch the orders
  • Bill Summary

This is an overview of the project. It looks really useful and helpful and I would strongly recommend you to consider this project as your final year project. I am sure you will get a very good grade.

Therefore if you want me to help in building your project, me and my team are always ready. So, these can be your hot mobile application development project topics you can use as FYP.

Leave management system Android Project Ideas

A leave management system is probably being used by every Business organization where they manage the leave of their employees. This is one of the top projects where you can show your creativity by adding new features. I will give the features that I have added to my App.

This is a bit of a lengthy project and will ask for your profound knowledge of Applications and multiple skills. But if you can do this project I am sure you would get the best grades in your College.

The leave manager app is an example of suitable and new Android Project Ideas for Database lover students with a blend of Android.

Features of this project:

Leave manager Android FYP ideas

  • Online database for entering no of employees.
  • Total number of leaves added to an account
  • No of leaves were taken.
  • List of official holidays added to the calendar.
  • Database access to a higher authority

So, if you are interested in this Mobile Android App Development Project Ideas For Students then you can contact us now.

Grocery store management system Android FYP Ideas

Do you visit a grocery right?

You might have seen a computerized system to manage product details and purchasing how they manage it. Back in my college days, I had thought to make such an application for our superstore in the hostel.

Well, you can also make this Mobile application as your Final Year Project. This is really one of the best Android project Ideas. I will give you the Overview:

  • No of the available products in the stored database
  • A Barcode Scanner for product details
  • A bill generator for products
  • Intake of products from the retailer

These are the major attributes of this project, I was just giving the overview. There is a lot more inside once you make it. This Project is based on a real-time scenario.

You can use it in your Father’s business too and it will really help you to get the best grades in your Final term.

Employee management system Android FYP Ideas

This concept only exists when you are running a business or helping some organizations in running their business because without this system they cannot run effectively. Let’s not get inside deep.

This Idea is commonly used by students who want to show something big to their mentors to get the best grade in the class.

Because this project has lots of contributing factors and you should have a sound knowledge of ledgers, Databases, Android stuff, and many things. I am giving you the Overview of this Project:

Employee Manager Android Project Ideas

  • Online databases for big organizations or databases could be mobile for managing a few employees
  • Details of each employee including basic details, Salary, Skills, etc
  • Designation and work details
  • Leave and Working hour tracker
  • Performance manager

These are the features you could add to your project and make it so worth it. I am sure that you will get your awesome appreciation from your Faculty and superb grades in your Finals. So, these can be your hot mobile application development project topics you can use as FYP.

If you want us to help you in making your Android Projects, I promise you will get the best project to date and you will surely get the best grade in your class.

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Android Project ideas for beginners

Talk about other new Android Project ideas or Android App Ideas that you can include in your Final Year Project.

Mobile Quiz Android Project Ideas

Talking something different!! Thinking Out of the box!!

Yeah, you are right. You can make this project your final year project. Sometimes faculty goes for your creativity rather than common things. I will give you an overview of this Project.

This project will have an Admin login system as well as a user login system. Admin will be having the right to upload the Question and Answers into the database.

A user needs to create an account to access the Quiz. There will be multiple types of quizzes depending upon the interest of a user.

Here is the Overview of the project:

 Mobile Quiz Android App 

  • A mobile database is required or you can use the online database if you want to go for a big one.
  • Multiple pages for multiple Quiz types.
  • Admin and User separate login option
  • Marks Calculator
  • Report generator
  • Ranking among all the users

These are the features of the Mobile Quiz Application. You can customize it according to your requirements. This is one of the coolest Android App Ideas to implement as a Mobile Android App Development Project Ideas For Students.

Blood bank management system Android Project Ideas

Blood is very important in terms of saving a life. So why not develop an Android application?

This is the key idea that came into the picture when I was digging out my mind for your Final Year project ideas. The main motive of this project is to get Blood at the right time in an emergency.

The users can register themself into the application and their details if they want to see the availability of Blood or want to donate blood.

Well, let me give you an overview of this project. This project is the application of a database where we store information about Blood donors and fetch details. Features of this project:

Blood Bank Android App 

  • The online database required for this project
  • User login required
  • Donor details Blood group, Age, Sex, and Contact info. etc.
  • Broadcast message option in case of need of Blood
  • Nearby Hospitals details

These are the added features that I included in my project when I made it. If you want me to make this project for us, you can customize it according to your requirements.

For more details on Android Studio learning, you can reach out to several tutorials available on YouTube, and Google. Still have doubts or want CodingZap to handle your Project, then Get Android Project Help from the best experts in the Industry.

Library management system Android Project Ideas

The library management system is one of the top android-based projects for final year students that is built for the Administrative end as well as user end to provide ease to the students as well as a librarian to track, find an issue the books and magazines.

Here the main access would be given to the administrator as he needs to issue, and track, the due date of the books, and limited access to a user to search the book, to check the expiry date and fine due.

This application will reduce lots of human efforts in managing the library. You can opt for this project if you love to play with database attributes. I will point out the main features of this project:

Library Manager Android App 

  • The online database required will store the information of students, books, a library employee
  • A search option would be given
  • User login and administrator login option features
  • Information manager
  • library due date would appear for every student
  • Library fine calculator
  • A  report generator

These are the key features you can add to your Mobile Android application and trust me your Idea going to rock in your Finals. You can customize it by adding more features to this project.

Reach out if you want us to make this project at a cheap price. 

Movie ticket booking Android app Ideas, Android Project Ideas

I am damn sure you are not the one who wants to stand in queue for the movie ticket and wait. Yes, I am having one of the coolest ideas you can implement in your Final year project as well as you could start a cinema.

The main objective of making a movie ticket application is to manage bookings, availability of tickets, seats, Payments, and information about the customer.

This project will be mostly used by the administrative end so you can use MYSQL in the back end for the Database.

The user would be given access to movie booking, search, payment, and report generation. I will tell you the features of this project:

Movie ticket Android App Ideas

  • The online database used for customer records
  • Information on shows
  • Language option
  • Rating of movie
  • payment
  • Report generation

These will be the key feature of this project and again if want to customize the features you can include it on your own or you can contact us. We will be happy to help you. Going forward with this idea will really help you in getting good grades in your Final Year project.

Scientific Calculator Android Project Ideas

This could be probably the easiest but most innovative idea you will be going with for your Final Year Project. Scientific Calculator is probably used in every Engineering lab, College, and Scientific research work.

A scientific Calculator is having several functions and Mathematical formulas. I will give you an overview of this project. This Project can be used as an Android app idea for a mini project.

  • Buttons or tab options for choosing functions
  • text, numeric, and special character display option
  • Functions and Methods for Calculation
  • Results view option

These are the major attributes of a mobile-based Scientific Calculator application and you can add functions and some other attributes according to your requirement.

If you want me to help with this project contact us.

Bus Ticket Booking Android App Ideas, Android Project Ideas

Travel has one of the most important aspects of our life. We travel a lot in our life. We use buses, trains, Flight, and so many ways. Either to get tickets we need to stand in the queue or we need to contact the bus agent. To solve this problem we came up with the idea of making a Bus ticket booking mobile-based Android application.

A user will first register himself/herself for the App. After login in, he has to choose the starting and destination point along with the date. After it, he has to choose the Bus type or its details.

He has to book the available seats and go for the payment. It will take to the payment page which has options to choose the method of payment. After the payment ticket will be generated and the message will come to the mobile phone.

Now I will tell you the features of this project:

  • Online database for Bus information, Passenger details, and Seat availability.
  • Login for new users
  • Interface for starting and destination points
  • Buses details and types
  • Payment methods
  • Report generator

These are the important features of a Bus ticket booking application. You can add your contribution to this project. This has linked applications like Train Reservation Systems, Taxi booking Systems, etc.

Expense Calculator Android Project Ideas

In day-to-day life, we do expense a lot and we do not have any Expense manager tool or analyzer that would help us in managing our expenses.

Even for me, I have seen that I am not able to save money and not able to manage my expenses. So I personally thought of making this project.

After hovering around the idea finally I made it and implemented it in my wallet as well as my family and friends. Actually, in the Expense calculator, there would be a Smartphone-based database.

This database would be saving your daily Expenses daily, weekly, or monthly depending upon your choice. This Project can be used as an Android app idea for a mini project.

There would be different categories in the application like grocery, Newspaper, Milk, and Travel and you can add your expenses according to the requirement.

The key features of the project are listed below:

Expense Calculator Android App Ideas, Android Project Ideas

  • Mobile database for saving expenses details
  • Customize categories for adding expense type
  • Expense calculator and analyzer
  • Report generator

These are the enlisted features that can be added to the Application. You can also add sharing details via social networking sites.

Contact us if you want me to make your own Expense Calculator Android application.

Chat-based game Android Project Ideas

You say Think out of Box!!

Yes, this is one of the outs of box ideas that you can implement as your Final Year Project. Chat with your friends and play games. It’s a pretty innovative idea and I am sure that you will be standing apart from others.

Let me give you an overview of this project. An online database would be there. Multiple users can log into the application simultaneously. You will be having the option to add friends over there in the interface. You can create a group and play games over there. There would be some installed games in the database. You can play and share your score with the group.

The main features are enlisting below:

  • User login interface
  • Installed game up to some memory limit
  • Chat interface
  • Group chat interface
  • Report generator and comparison meter.

These are the key features that will be the attributes of this application. If you think there could be some more innovative ideas you can implement you are welcome.

I am damn sure that nobody talks about these kinds of Mobile Android App Development Project Ideas For Students. So this is very trendy and you can opt for this as your Final year project. Please give your valuable comment and let me know if you want me to do this project for you.

Voting system Android Project Ideas

I am sure you have heard about the Voting System used in your School, Colleges, and in Offices.

The system used by these Organizations is either based on Paper or web-based. I thought of making such an Android application that could cast votes from anywhere.

It is more reliable, secure, and transparent. We can save Paper, time as well as money. Smartphone with Android is very popular and common these days.

So if you are a Final Year graduate mulling over ideas, this could be probably the best idea. Let me give you an overview of this project.

The voting system is an Android mobile application that has an online database that will store the votes cast by employees, and students.

There would be an interface that will show categories to vote for like the presidential election, Student union. It has been given three options ‘YES’, ‘NO’, and ‘NA’. Below are given enlisted features:

Voting Application Android App Ideas 

  • An online database to store information
  • User Login Authentication
  • Interface for Voting
  • Voting results and analysis

This idea is just mind-blowing. If you want to choose this as a Final Year Project you can go ahead with this. Get Android Assignment Help from the best expert now. Likewise, we have also developed a professional app like Anthobex Tax App.

Tourism information system Android Project Ideas

This Android project idea is more or less hovering around Database. If it’s your dream to travel the world, you can surely store most of the information related to tourism. Let me give you an overview of this project.

This application is having a database that will store information about places, pictures, maps, Place information, and stay information. You can add as much data as you want to include in the database. This Project will be administratively handled and users will be allowed to fetch information.

The features of the project enlisted below:

  • Database online or mobile-based required to store information
  • User login
  • Search option
  • Rating feature for a place along with a comment section

The above features, you can add to your mobile application. In conclusion, this is a full-fledged idea with no more complications. You can opt for this idea for your Final Year projects.

Hotel booking system Android App Ideas

The hotel booking system is one of the Projects that you can choose for your Final year project. Well, this is a similar concept a Bus booking application. I will give you an overview of this project.

The hotel booking system App is based on the concept of CRM(Customer Relationship Management). In this project, we are having an online database that will store the information of customer details, Hotel details, Place information.

The user will log in to the application and will select the place where he/she wants a hotel. He can select a hotel according to the price and standard. The payment option will be given.

The features are enlisted below:

  • Online database required
  • User login
  • Search option for places and hotels
  • Booking and Cancelling option
  • Payment and review option

These features you can include in your application. In conclusion, this project requires a sound knowledge of databases and Android. I can help you in making this project.

Home Automation System Android App Ideas

Home Automation System is probably one of the best Android Project ideas for your Final Year Project if you like electronics or you have studied electronics. This is the first mobile Android application I designed when I was studying electronics.

This was the coolest idea that came into my mind at that time and since that time I am crazy about Android and stuff. Well, let us not get into the past. I will give you an overview of this project.

Home Automation App requires a mobile database that will store information about Home Appliances. You will be having the main page where you can select the section of your home in which you want to control appliances.

The features enlisted below you can see:

  • A database used as a Smartphone
  • User login option
  • Interface option for a Radio control device, Mobile, Wi-Fi.
  • Sections of the home display
  • On-Off, Dim, and timer options
  • Shut power option

These features you can add to your project. This is really an innovative Android Project Idea you can use as your Final Year Project. I am sure that you will get a fantastic grade in your class.

So Later on in another post, I will be giving real-time business ideas that will help young minds to run their business.

If you want us to be part of your dream projects, help in getting done your college Assignments and Projects. You can contact us. This Android App idea | Android Project Ideas will really transform your career into good shape.

We promise you that you will never be disappointed. My team works round the clock to the “perfection” of your Projects and Service.

Travel Organiser Android FYP Ideas

In today’s era, everyone loves traveling. So, you can think of another final-year project idea.

The features enlisted below you can see:

Someone can create a Travel group.

  • Can invite someone to join the group?
  • Travelers can chat with each other about their trips.
  • Someone can upload pictures and videos on their timeline
  • Admin will have CRUD rights for the entire application.

So, these are the high-level Idea for your Travel Organizer app. You can add something more if you have it in your mind.

Also, if you’re looking for your final year project ideas for other programming languages like C++, then you can check out our article on “C++ Project Ideas

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