Selection Sort in C++

Selection Sort in C++

Do you know what is Selection Sort in C++? Have you ever thought what are the steps to develop the Selection Sort in C++? Let us Gain some knowledge about the Selection sort in C++.

But before we start discussing the Selection Sort Cpp, let us know more about this by considering one scenario.

Let us assume one case. Suppose your friend provided some square boxes. And he has asked you to make a sequence of those boxes in ascending order. This means you have to place the smaller box at the very beginning. So, what will be your approach in this case?

You will first figure out the smaller box. Then you place it in front. Then again you search for the smaller box. But that box should be large than the first one. In this way, you will make the desired sequence.

The same thing goes for the Selection Sort Cpp. While developing the Selection sort in C++, we need to first search for the minimum element from the list. Then the element should be pasted at the very beginning of the array. And we have to move like in this format.

You will get more knowledge about this. We will discuss how does selection sort work & selection sort in C with example. This will clear the implementation of the Selection sort in C++.

But now, let us know about the Selection Sort briefly.



What Is Selection Sort In C++? Get To Know


Sorting algorithms are the most important algorithms. There are many algorithms. They all have a different strategies to sort the giving sequence. Like there is the Quick sort algorithm, Bubble sort algorithm, Heap sort algorithm, etc. Like those sorting algorithms, there is another famous present. This is known as the Selection sort algorithm.

In this algorithm, a special element is selected. Sometimes the starting element or the last element is considered the required element. Now, based on the comparison of the elements, we have to get the minimum element present in the sequence. That minimum element will then push to the first of the sequence. In this way, a complete sequence will be created.

At first, the sequence was unsorted. Now, after doing the Selection sort, the sequence is the Sorted one. Sorted algorithms help a lot in Data Structures or other computer science fields. The sorting algorithms are related to time complexity & space complexity. Depending upon the requirements, the programmer needs to choose the best sorting algorithm. This helps to remove some problems related to the bigger projects.


Selection Sort in C++



How Does Selection Sort Work? Read Below


After getting knowledge about the Selection sort, it is time to know the working procedure of the Selection Sort in C++. So, we need to have an array with integer elements. The array will be in a completely unsorted format. Using the Selection Sort algorithm, we can change it to the sorted one.

Let us take one example of selection sort in C with example. Suppose, in an array, there are three elements. They are 2,3,1. As we can see they are in the unsorted format. Now, if we want to make them in the sorted form, we have to use the theory of Selection Sort.

  1. At first, we will consider the beginning element as the minimum one. So, as per the theory, element 2 is the minimum one.
  2. Now, we have to find out the real minimum number from this array. So, we will run a for loop to check each & every element. Now, while checking with element 3, element 2 is still the minimum one.
  3. So, the minimum tag will remain upon element 2.
  4. Now, again we have to check element 2 with element 1. Now, element 1 is lower than element 2. So, the minimum tag will move to element 1.
  5. As the minimum tag is on element 1, so we have to make some changes in the array. The element which has the minimum tag will always be placed at the beginning of the array. So, element 2 & element 1 will change their place. Now, the minimum tag will move to element 3.
  6. Now, there will be a comparison between element 3 & element 2. There we have to find out which element is minimum.
  7. As element 2 is the minimum in this comparison, the swap of passion will again happen. Element 2 will take the place of element 3. In this way, we have found the sorted array using Selection Sort in C++.


How Does Selection Sort Work?


Implementation Of Selection Sort In C++:


Now, after knowing about the steps of the Selection sort, it is time to move forward. Now, we will try to implement the Selection sort in C++. At first, we have to take one array for implementation. We have to take the array in an unsorted format. We have considered the first element as the preliminary minimum element.

Then using the print function, we have to first print the provided array. As the provided array is in unsorted format, it will print in that way.

Then we have to call the function which will mainly do the selection sort. In the sorting function, we have to run for a loop. This is the main loop that will perform the most operation. In this for loop, we will try to find out the minimum element from the array.

If we find out the minimum element there, we should perform the swap operation. If there is no minimum element then the loop goes on till the end. In this way, we will make changes in the array itself.

Now, after making suggested changes to the array, we have to print it. Using the print function, we can able to print the sorted array. In this way, we can implement the Selection sort in C++.

Below we have implemented the code using the C++ programming language. This code will help to understand the Selection sort in C++ in a better way.





using namespace std;

void printzap(int cod[], int n){  // Printing Function

    for(int i=0;i<n;i++)

        cout<<cod[i]<<" ";


void Sort(int cod[], int n){  // Sorting Function

    int i,j,min;

    for(i=0;i<n;i++){  // Finding The Minimum Element & Swapping

        min = i;


            if (cod[j] < cod[min])

                min = j;

        swap(cod[i],cod[min]);}}  // Swapping The Element

int main(int argv, char* argc[]){

    int zap[] = {2,3,10,4,1};  // Declaring The Array

    int i,j,n,temp;

    n = sizeof(zap)/sizeof(int);  // Finding The Size

    cout<<"Unsorted Array: ";

    printzap(zap,n);  // Printing The Unsorted Array

    Sort(zap,n);  // Sorting Function

    cout<<"Sorted Array: ";

    printzap(zap,n);  // Printing The Sorted Array

    return 0;}


Let us find the output of the above code. This will help to understand the Selection Sort in C++.



Implementation of Selection Sort in C++



Time Complexity Of Selection Sort:


The time complexity of the Selection Sort is O(n2). There are mainly three complexity parameters present. They are the Best-Case, Average-Case & Worst-Case time complexity. In Selection Sort all there three parameters have the same time complexity. This is the O(n2). The time complexity helps to find out the required time to complete the process.





As we see Selection sort in C++ is a very important topic.

We have to remember how does selection sort work & selection sort in C with example in a good manner.

For getting knowledge about the Selection Sort Cpp, we need to first clear the basics of Data Structures & Algorithms.

So, hope you have liked this piece of article. Share your thoughts in the comments section and let us know if we can improve more.

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